class of 2016: georgia wishes she could write frank ocean's hits

The 25-year-old singer is the most interesting pop star of her generation.

by Lynette Nylander
Nov 23 2015, 6:20pm

Georgia is only 25 years old, but the multi-instrumentalist has been cutting her teeth in the industry for years already. She drummed for the likes of Kwes, Juce and Kate Tempest, before stepping out on her own earlier this year with her self-titled debut album on Domino. Her experimental take on pop and dance music sees her meld her eclectic influences into something that's completely unique. Just take Be Ache -- her defiant statement of power to a past love -- or her Dalston video for Move Systems. We've quickly learned Georgia's a leader and we will bet ya you'll follow her wherever she goes. Here's what you need to know...

1. If she could have written one song, it would be…
"I wish I could've written Frank Ocean, Thinkin' Bout You. It's just a great pop song."

2. Her nickname is Honey Badger…
"I like to go out on good big nights with my friends. I was known as the honey badger because when you first meet me, because you think 'She's just like this normal, young girl who could be 14', and then when you get to know me I'm a bit crazy, a bit wild. I just don't give a shit, because honey badgers just don't give a shit. Cherish Kaya gave me the name. I was round at Mark Ronson's when he showed me a video with a honey badger. Honey badgers look quite cute but don't give a shit. Honey badgers are the baddest mother fucking animals in the whole of the animal kingdom."

3. Her ideal London night out is as follows..
"Go to your local pub at about 11am , have a couple of lagers, get on a bus to central. Go into Soho, have another drink. Get on the train to east London, have another drink. You get to 3 o'clock then 4 o'clock, you go to another pub you drink, and then it gets to 6 o'clock you go to another bar, it gets you to 8 o'clock, have another drink. You take a cab somewhere through London and then just keep drinking."

4. To Georgia, popularity means…
"Accessibility. I don't think it's always a good thing but obviously, it's human nature for everyone one to want people know about them -- well not everyone -- but I think certainly in music world. It's not always a good thing, it's not always a bad thing."

5. She LOVES Missy Elliott!
"She's the person I most want to work with. My top three Missy tracks are, The Rain, Sock It to Me, and Don't Be Commin."

6. Her style of music is a mixture of everything that has ever inspired her…
"My sound is a very eclectic mix of all the styles I've been listening to since I was a kid. I am just trying to create a type of pop music I really like that kind of includes all these electronic sounds so I guess it's eclectic, experimental, pop music."

7. Family comes first for Georgia..
"The most important thing in my life are my mom and my brother."

8. She's already collaborating with the most influential names in fashion…
"M/M Paris just reached out to me on Twitter. They just said that they liked the music and we just a built a relationship from there. They did the album artwork, loads of bits and bobs. They introduced me to Jamie Hawkesworth. He is like a mate now; it feels really nice to work with someone who understand you and we are both very similar . We both take our work very seriously and we want to do new stuff and be experimental and push boundaries. We are massive fans of each other's work so it works out."

9. The worst thing about being a musician is...
"The pressure. It's a lot of like highs and lows, finding the middle ground and keeping on the path you want is hard. You just always want to be keeping to the music you like."

10. This is how Georgia makes music...
"I have got a routine, it's like doing work for me. I very much treat it as such. I have a home studio. So I have a shower, then I'll either work on some sounds or work on whatever. I don't have a structure. I do have deadlines though so I do treat it like I am going to work. What I'm trying to say through my music, or more what I want people to say is 'she's creating something that's completely her own.'"


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Text Lynette Nylander
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