the new class of parsons on icons and inspiration

Bright yellow lockers, dress forms, teachers wearing Yohji pants: Parsons The New School for Design is the coolest place to graduate from this summer. The new-ish MFA in Fashion Design and Society, with a focus on process and identity, was initiated by...

by VICE Staff
Jun 2 2014, 8:30am

Jerome Corpuz

Natalia Pilipenka, 35, from Ukraine
My work in three words… 
passion, construction, textiles.
My fashion icon… Margiela, by far.
My inspiration… the process itself, it just keeps giving and giving and giving.

Pauline Choi, 27, from Korea
My work in three words… Relaxed, naked, disintegrating.
My inspiration… daily life. I take a lot of photos. And people on the subway.
New York is… dirty and moving.

Alan Oakes, 24, from Vail, Colorado
My work in three words… superstitious, considered, theatrical.
New York is… ambitious. It's magical as well.
When I graduate I… would love to stay in NY because I'd really like to aggregate some sort of identity here, in the knitwear industry particularly.

Amelie Bahlsen, 26, from the north of Germany
My work in three words… avant-garde, challenging, simple.
My fashion icon… I grew up with a fashionable mother who was very into art, but nowadays I get inspired a lot by abstract contemporary art and architecture: Rem Koolhaas, Le Corbusier, Bauhaus artists and Ed Ruscha.
New York is… love and hate for me. But it is the place to be in the US.

Jessica Walsh, 23, from Stockton-on-Tees
My work in three words… sporty, functional, melancholic.
New York is… such an inspiration for me.
When I graduate I'll… stay in New York as long as possible, until my visa expires. New York is such an inspiration for me, it would be silly to leave now. It's such a big place to play.

Lali Bukia, 26, from Georgia (the country)
My work in three words… delicate, strong, stylish.
My inspiration… I'm very interested in people and psychology. I started seeing a therapist and then it became a kind of personal project: all my prints are my face, like a journey into myself.
New York is… freedom.
My fashion icons… Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Marion Cotillard.

Matt Dolan, 27, from Sydney
My inspiration… the idea of the American classic. It's based on studies that I did of people in the city. I took all these photos of guys wearing Hawaiian shirts in the summer, denim jackets, jeans and white T-shirts. It's based on those archetypal elements of the wardrobe.
My fashion icon… for a long time I was so obsessed with photos of Princess Diana jogging.
When I graduate I'll… sleep first. And I really want to get a job. I'm very excited to work!


Text Rory Satran
Photography Jerome Corpuz

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