see dennis rodman in an epic new fashion film

The unlikely icon stars in the new Moose Knuckles campaign, inspired by ‘The Holy Mountain.’

by i-D Staff
Aug 21 2019, 7:19pm

For fall/winter 19, unconventional outerwear brand Moose Knuckles takes us on a journey through the Canadian wilderness, in a film inspired by Alejandro Jodorovsky’s 1973 classic, Holy Mountain (this film’s even called Sacred Glacier in homage). It follows the intrepid cast as they journey deep into the Nunavut territory, to a seemingly tiny fishing hut. The fishing hut is in fact a labyrinthine mansion, and inhabited by none other than Dennis Rodman, who plays a powerful prophet and takes them on a psychic journey. This doesn’t seem too far fetched, given Rodman’s propensity for prophetic lipstick and journeys into the unknown. “Dennis Rodman is an icon and legendary figure to us that represented these things and so much more,” say directors Kid. Studio. “This short is about ridding yourselves from the trappings of everyday life that consume us in all the wrong ways and how it is life’s purpose for us to break out of these cages and find our true calling.” Dennis Rodman, please save from the mundane nature of reality too!