did kanye west copy shia labeouf's look?

The actor reveals he leant his actual clothes to the rapper, and look what happened.

by Jack Sunnucks
Mar 13 2018, 6:38pm

Photo by GVK/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/via Twitter

Recently, the only positive press Shia LaBeouf's been getting has been for his off duty looks — the actor's mix of old favorites, military boots and exercise gear have earned him a new legion of fans who don't care if he's having a public meltdown. It's like a very extreme version of the much maligned Normcore. There's even an Instagram lovingly chronicling his appearances, often alongside his wife Mia Goth, the imaginatively titled @shialabeoufdaily. Perhaps his most famous fan, however, is none other than Kanye West, who in an outtake of 2016 track No More Parties In LA raps "I wish I dressed as fresh as Shia LaBeouf." Well, according to a new interview in Esquire, West went a step further and actually started dressing in LaBeouf's clothes, even wearing his beloved Army baseball cap that the actor had customized. “The dude has a lot of my shit,” says LaBeouf in the piece, saying that when West came over the talk about an art collaboration, he let him have some of his clothes, so obsessed was the rapper with his style. Is this the genesis of the now infamous Yeezy style that now rules supreme in Calabasas and anywhere else that people follow the exploits of the Kardashians? We'll leave that for fashion historians of the future to puzzle out. For now, there are no hard feelings, at least on LaBeouf's side — says the actor, "I fucking love Kanye West. He's going through a lot."