all women are witches: see the first campaign from léa peckre

As the young French designer teams up with Belgian photographer Pierre Debusschere for her fall/winter 17 campaign, we meet the long time friends to discuss their creative collaboration.

by VICE Staff
Sep 27 2016, 3:00pm

For her very first campaign "All Women are Witches," young French designer Lea Peckre anchored her vision of femininity: both dark and light, modest yet glorious. No one could have given life to Peckre's woman quite as well as Pierre Debusschere. The Belgian photographer, celebrated for his visionary video works and his collaboration with Raf Simons, interpreted the fall/winter 17 collection with his usual strength and sense of romanticism. We met Lea and Pierre to talk about their collaboration and common admiration.

How did you two meet? You have been friends for a while, right?
Pierre: Yes, we met in 2008/2009, when Lea was still a fashion student at La Cambre and used to come to the 254forest studio from time to time.

How did you start collaborating? Why now?
I've followed Lea's work and creations since she left school. It happened very naturally, we hooked up through common friends and decided to work on this campaign together.
I used to live in Brussels and Pierre and I shared a lot of things, I was studying fashion and he was exploring photography and film. He photographed my work back then. I moved a bit later to Paris in order to develop my brand while Pierre was traveling all around the world. At some point, feeling more mature and a bit nostalgic, I wanted to go back to my first loves, Belgium and the people I had met there, who have inspired me from the very beginning.

What was your process of creation? What did you want to convey?
: We started by sharing images, things that inspire us at the moment, references that we like, and the different elements that have inspired the collection. We both wanted to stick to the brand's universe, emphasizing Léa Peckre's woman. 
Léa: I have always been moved by Pierre's melancholy and romanticism. We also both admire religious icons. I imagine women who aspire to profound fullness. We have made the choice to shoot the commercial pieces of the collection instead of the usually more visually striking "editorial" ones. I really wanted to highlight the clothes of the collection that people will actually wear.

The campaign is very refined, quite austere. Was it a common idea?
I don't think it was a conscious choice, though I think Lea and I share a common aesthetic, a Belgian one, inherited from primitive Flemish art.
Léa: We share a same sensitivity, for sure. The idea wasn't to develop something austere but to go straight to the point. The Léa Peckre woman doesn't do in artifice.

The pictures give the feeling that your two universes have crossed and that you interacted within this common space of creation. 
Our universes are not opposite. The collaboration felt very natural.
Léa: Yes, that is true. I am very happy with the result and proud to see that years after we've met, we are still faithful to what inspired us at the time.

Is it a collaboration you would like to carry on together?
Yes! I will always be keen to work on new projects with Léa!
Léa: Since the beginning of our friendship, Pierre and I have never planned anything together, but somehow, our paths keep crossing. 


Photography Pierre Debusschere
Styling Tom Van Dorpe

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