5 things to do in la this week: from nick cave to hot biker babes

Here are our top five picks of what you need to see, hear and do in LA this week.

by Jane Helpern
Apr 6 2015, 10:55pm

Photography Jerry Hsu

Jerry Hsu: A Love Like Mine Is Hard To Find
Pro-skater turned artist Jerry Hsu is good at so many things that it's actually a little bit offensive. His latest endeavor in rubbing our nose in his myriad talents is A Love Like Mine Is Hard To Find, a solo photography exhibition at Highland Park gallery Slow Culture. The gritty show highlights Hsu's signature approach and aesthetic, featuring a selection of impossibly timed snapshots that capture oft-discarded people and moments, and the detritus of life immortalized by his lens. Think: punk youth huffing glue, a father clinging to his son photographed through a hole in a blasted out wall, the aftermath of a smokebomb.

April 3 - May 2nd, Slow Culture Gallery, 5906 N. Figueroa

Cash Machine
Just when life is blurring into one big art show and you've developed acid reflux and a perpetual headache from all the free plum wine (does anyone actually like plum wine?), something super original comes along in the form of Cash Machine, a pop-up art show modeled after a bodega, complete with a newsstand, pharmacy, and two nerd-glasses clad pharmacists wearing pepto pink knockoff Patagonias and latex gloves. Inspired by a traditional newsstand format, a space recognized by the show's curators as the universal equalizer, Cash Machine features works from 100+ LA creatives who were encouraged to deviate from the traditional paper medium, and with all pieces for sale at $99.99.

April 2 - May 2, FatherSons, call 323-284-8919 for hours, 3207 Glendale Blvd.

Nick Cave Q&A
Nick Cave, the enigmatic novelist, dark overlord, and prolific frontman of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, will be live at Hollywood's historical Grauman's Egyptian Theater to discuss and read from his new book The Sick Bag Song, which chronicles his tumultuous 2014 tour of North America with The Bad Seeds. Apropos of the book's title, "It began life as notes scribbled on airline sick bags during the 22-city journey and grew into a restless, full-length, epic poem, seeking out the roots of inspiration, love and meaning."

Wednesday April 8th, 8PM, Grauman's Egyptian Theater, 6712 Hollywood Blvd.

Photography Lanakila MacNaughton

Since April of 2009, Month of Photography Los Angeles has been reframing the way we see our city by showcasing the best of commercial photography, fine art and photojournalism, and highlighting its new and emerging talent through exhibitions, lectures, and workshops. Photographer Lanakila MacNaughton is a Portland based photographer/motorcyclist whose documentation of women who ride motorcycles seeks to challenge gender stereotypes and "reveal the brave, courageous, and beautiful women that live to ride." As part of MOPLA's celebration, Lana will be at The Standard Downtown LA in conversation with Davey Fahey of Fahey/Klein Gallery discussing her groundbreaking Women's Moto Exhibit.

Tuesday, April 7 at 7PM, The Standard Downtown LA, 550 S. Flower Street, Tickets here

A Month Of Hitchcock
By now you've probably seen at least a dozen previews for Unfriended, the internet-age horror flick that doubles as a cautionary tale against the millennial url addiction. But what's even scarier than the thought of an online stalker is the reality that an entire generation may soon cease to know about classic filmmaking. Which is why we're ecstatic about the month of iconic Hitchcock films coming to The Crest is Westwood. This weekend is Vertigo, the 1958 psychological thriller starring James Stewart and Kim Novak, in which romance, paranoia and obsession lead to a series of fatal events and tragedies. Next up: Psycho and Rear Window.

Sunday, April 12, 5 PM, The Crest Theater, 1262 Westwood Blvd.


Text Jane Helpern
Photography Lanakila MacNaughton

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