katy perry wore a tamagotchi to the met gala

And she wasn't even the only one.

by Hannah Ongley
May 3 2016, 8:08pm


We're only five months into 2016, and already the year is more 90s than the 90s were. Surely it was only a matter of time before the hottest fake pet toy of the decade followed in the footsteps of Fuller House and Twin Peaks by getting a reboot — we just didn't expect it to happen on the red carpet at the most exclusive event on the fashion calendar. Enter Katy Perry, who at the Met Gala last night paired her elaborate black and gold Prada gown with blunt bangs, leather gloves, and a Tamagotchi affixed to a keychain hanging off her hip. "It's humble, but it's tech," she explained.

Apparently the singer wasn't the only one to interpret the evening's future-leaning tech theme from a throwback perspective. Orlando Bloom also attached a Tamagotchi, complete with poo-filled screen, to his sharp maroon suit. Katy was a little less neglectful of her digipet, posting a photo on Snapchat with the caption, "Keeping it alive since 1996." See, mom? They weren't just a "fad" after all. 


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