​in photos: neapolitan summer fun

i-D contributor Brett Lloyd shows us a Summer In Naples through his beach-based photographs.

by Stuart Brumfitt
Dec 10 2014, 11:55am

"Naples is always a shocking city, flaunting beauty and squalor like nowhere else," photographer Brett Lloyd told i-D about the subject of his new book Scugnizzi, a Summer In Naples. The ancient Italian coastal city is known for its shady underbelly, but also its thrilling chaos and expressive charm. It's one of the oldest cities in the world, but Lloyd loved how the inhabitants didn't pay it undue respect, meaning "it's been left to fade away quite spectacularly" rather than preserved like a museum.

The scugnizzi of the title refers to the "street kids", who Lloyd sees as "charming, loveable gangs who are always up to no good." He spent much of his time photographing them - and the rest of the Neapolitan population - on the city's black volcanic beaches (Mount Vesuvius is just across the bay). "The beaches are the poorest areas, with the most outrageous people. Everyone is related to each other somehow, which probably explains all the fury and mayhem. The people on the beach seemed to be there only for a few hours at a time, then they would pack up and go back to their exhausting jobs or demanding families. Even the kids on the beach were working. Most of the teenagers would be hunting for mussels and clams around the bay to sell to the restaurants at night."

Though some artistic projects are only temporary, Lloyd thinks this particular one has sparked something for life. "I fell in love so much with this city," he says. "I can call Naples my boyfriend now. I will continue to go back each summer and dive into the craziness."

Brett Lloyd launches Scugnizzi tonight, 6.30pm - 9pm at Donlon Books.


Text Stuart Brumfitt
Photography courtesy Brett Lloyd