watch the trailer for the show behind the influencer-only mural

‘Like and Subscribe’ satirizes the very people the mural attracted.

by i-D Staff
Jun 27 2018, 10:05pm

Image via Twitter

Turns out that the outrage-inspiring ‘influencer mural’ on LA’s Melrose Avenue is a stunt for the upcoming Go90 show Like and Subscribe. The mural itself wasn’t particularly lovely, featuring a pink heart on a blue background, with “City of Angels” across the top, and “love” and “art” running around the sides — nothing like the detailed and extravagant street art that LA is known for. Vice journalist Justin Caffer got death threats for daring to even report on the stunt, which employed a security guard so that only people with the vaunted “blue tick” on their social media could pose in front of it (I mean, it’s pretty enraging).

If there’s one good thing to come of this, it’s that the trailer for Like and Subscribe appears to be quite funny, involving “the hardest working and most important people in America, Influencers,” being locked up in what looks like the Big Brother house. “We put them in a house, we’re going to make them make content — this is going to be amazing,” intones a besuited agent in the trailer. What’s more interesting perhaps is that the series appears to be made in collaboration with Tumblr — does this mean the internet is finally eating itself?

Watch the trailer for Like and Subscribe below: