man moodboard #1: liam hodges

Liam Hodges reveals the inspiration behind his upcoming LC:M show on Friday.

by Stuart Brumfitt
Jan 7 2015, 12:20pm

With the MAN show being one of the first of London Collections: Men on Friday, i-D took a sneak peak at the three designers' moodboards to see what they've got in store for us. We kick it off with Liam Hodges.

Tell us about your moodboard image.
I worked alongside recent art graduate Rachel Crowther researching this season. We both covered a lot of areas in and around London documenting stuff on disposable cameras and filming people. This image of a greengrocers in South London really summed up the aesthetic and attitude of the season for me.

What have been the influences on this collection?
I got quite obsessed with markets, towns and high streets. The personality of towns and suburban areas. Although six days a week they all look the same, there's an abundance of personalities and individuality on market day, and in the independent butchers shops, greengrocers and army surplus stores.

What was the funniest/ weirdest/ most interesting part of your research?
Some of the funniest was the attitudes and conversations we heard when researching. The jokes and stories of traders back and forth. That and rummaging through old photos in the Rotherhithe picture library before the lunch trolley came around.

Can you describe your preparation for this show in 3 words?
Smoothie, fag, Tyskie.

Do you feel more established and relaxed now you're doing MAN second time round?
Feeling a little more established, yeah. The show and setting up is a similar process, and I know what to expect, but relaxed, no! Everything always changes or things go wrong. That's part of the fun. It's just been more mental after moving studio and settling into that. There's still no internet!


Image courtesy Liam Hodges