tokyo now: kiko mizuhara

Tokyo is a hyper modern metropolis, swarming with dark lolitas, punk Harajuku girls and heaps of emerging creative talent. As part of our Tokyo takeover, we profile four of the hottest it-girls on the block.

by Francesca Dunn
Jan 22 2014, 10:50pm

Kiko Mizuhara Photography Mari Sarai Kiko wears T-shirt Nakid by G.V.G.V. Skirt DressCamp.

Kiko Mizuhara is the 23 year old model and actress who started her accent to the stars in her teens by spending three shiny, happy years as Miss Seventeen Magazine. Fastforward to 2010 where she shot to fame as Midori in the dark and beautiful Norwegian Wood and the world fell for her spellbinding charm. Having wowed us all as the face of Philip Lim's AW13 collection, she's currently starring in a Japanese series and living the dream in her Tokyo apartment full of cats, plants and telescopes. We love our little Kiko-chan!

Which do you prefer, modeling or acting?
I like both. I am more into acting at this moment.

What was filming Norwegian Wood like?
It was my very first film. I had to do so much and every experience was a first for me. The director,Tran Anh Hung, taught me so many things.

What would be your dream role in a film?
I wanna play a teenager in a highschool movie.

What do you think you would be doing if you weren't modeling/acting?
Dancer! LoL

Who do you think are the biggest Harajuku icons right now?
DETTO.K and Hirari Ikeda

Who are your best friends in the fashion industry and what are they like?
All Japanase fashion kids are my friends. My best friend is Yoon. She inspires me a lots and I love her because she gets crazy when we go out together. Also Nicola Formichetti. He speaks Japanese and we always go to a club called NiChome in Shinjuku when he is in Japan. Junsuke Yamazaki too - he is like my family.

What was it like working with Nicola Formichetti?
I was very happy when he asked me to work with him because we met as friends in the first place. His radar is all over to catch the young energy and exciting new things, so I did my best for what he wanted.

Where is the best place to go to see interesting fashion on the street in Tokyo?
Harajuku. There are so many different styles and fashions there. Trump Room is a really cool club that all the Tokyo fashion kids go to.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?
Well, Tokyo for now...

Are you in love?
The character I play in a TV series is in love right now, but I'm not in real life….. :(((

What would you do on your dream date?
Just normal things like walking and holding hands, stopping at cute shops, eating in the street, just hunting around the city for nothing in particular. Also going to the movies and concerts. I wanna go to Golden Street at night time in Shinjuku too!

Where do you see yourself in five years time?
I will be still an actress and hopefully in a movie that makes me proud of myself.



Text Francesca Dunn
Photography Mari Sarai
Styling Eri Soyama
Makeup Misuzu Miyake
Photography Assistant Hiroaki Aoi

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