watch the first 'skam austin' episode now

Meet the characters from the US remake of the hit cult show.

by André-Naquian Wheeler
Apr 24 2018, 10:16pm

SKAM has officially arrived in America! The cult Norwegian teen show organically gained an ardent following in America through its raw, unfiltered take on adolescence. Now, the show has moved from Oslo, Norway to Austin, Texas. SKAM is unique for airing through real-time episodes posted on a daily basis. We officially received our first clip of SKAM Austin Tuesday afternoon at 3:40PM CT.

Airing on the streaming platform Facebook Watch, the first five-minute clip introduces us to outsider teen Meghan and her friends and boyfriend. The opening is pretty similar to first episode of the original SKAM, viewers seeing Meghan bummed out about her low test score. “I know no one cares about Frozen but I relate to Elsa so much,” Meghan’s seatmate drones on in the beginning. “That movie needs a trigger warning or something because it’s just so relatable to me.” Same, girl, same.

As someone who grew up in Texas, the show already looks like it perfectly captures what it’s like to live in the state’s suburbs. And everyone will be able to relate to the dread the statewide test STAAR brings up for Meghan. The show also stands out for casting real kids from Austin through an open casting call. It’s refreshing to see real teens on screen, acne and all. You can be sure we’ll be eagerly checking our phone for our daily dose of SKAM Austin clips every day now.

Watch the first daily episode of SKAM Austin below: