​watch rihanna 'work' in the studio in a behind the scenes clip of drake collab

After posting snippets of the music video on her Snapchat this morning, Rihanna has now revealed a film of her in the studio for new single 'Work.'

by Charlotte Gush
Feb 8 2016, 7:40pm

After the long-awaited, but ultimately unexpected surprise-release of her eighth studio album ANTi, Rihanna fans have been holding their breath for the video for "Work," the Drake-featuring lead single.

Despite images of Rihanna and Drake leaking weeks ago, and fresh footage from the video shoot camera monitors posted on RiRi's Snapchat this morning, the music video isn't here yet. But what did just drop is a behind the scenes video of Rihanna in the studio with her assistant/manager/best friend Jen Rosales.

Rih is asking Rosales to guess what she sounds like on the track. "How'd you think I sound? Sing it. Sing how you think it's gon' sound," she says, clutching a glass of red wine and sounding slightly giddy -- but with pride as much as anything. Jen gives the "Work work work work work" refrain a downtown New York vibe, and Rih jokes about kicking her out. Rihanna flips the bird in top-to-toe grey marl, cracking a smile as the real "Work" chorus plays, of course showing Rihanna's beautiful Bajan accent in full force. Watch this space for the actual video.