why the smithsonian wants your moshpit photos

A new interactive website aims to see rock ‘n’ roll history through your eyes.

by Emily Manning
Dec 2 2015, 6:15pm

Did you spend 2004 battling through Fall Out Boy moshpits to snap blurry shots of Pete Wentz's scene hair on your Sidekick? Does your dad break out film photos from The Cramps' stint at The Mudd Club at every family gathering? Well start collecting those black, white, or filtered front row moments, because The Smithsonian wants to share 'em with the world.

Yesterday, the storied institution launched rockandroll.si.edu, an interactive site that encourages glam rockers and riot grrrls alike to share their favorite fan shots for the chance to be included in a new book "that will illustrate rock 'n' roll as it has never been seen before," the site states. "We're reaching out to the general public to go through their attics, basements, boxes, drawers, digital cameras, photo albums, cell phones, cloud, photo upload sites, and computer hard drives for pictures that show the greatest moments in the history of rock 'n' roll."

In addition to fan images, the site will feature contributions from artists, band managers, and professional photographers like Roberta Bayley, who's already filed a few snaps of the Ramones and Blondie tearing up CBGBs in the 70s. Each month, the Smithsonian or "special guests" (The Flaming Lips have already confirmed participation) will spotlight the best entries, before a book by veteran industry exec Bill Bentley compiling all of the most outstanding moments hits shelves in fall 2017.

For those about to upload, we salute you! 


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Photography Ebet Roberts via Getty Images

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