stop tampon tax: the bloody war

The price of a period is at an all time high. Let's get rid of tampon tax.

Mar 30 2015, 12:03pm

As the voting public imagines a world without Sam Cam's daring fashion sense, and where Ed Miliband has to abandon his second kitchen for Number 10, today in feminism, we're threatening a bloody war of zero tampon contacts. Planning to wear fake bloodied knickers, the Facebook group 'End Tampon Tax' will march down Downing Street this Thursday to campaign for VAT free tampons. 

With the made to go unnoticed device currently ranging from £3.15 (Tampax: regular ones in sweet style wrappers) to £3.65 (Lil-Lets: DIY ones with no applicators), the price of a period is at an all time high. We already pay for the privilege in pain, bad moods, adult acne and tender breasts, so if someone would knock off 20%, well that would be appreciated, thanks. We might just celebrate with a cheeky packet of panty liners or femfresh wipes. 

Funnily enough, it wasn't raised in the debate last week but the party leaders did pass fairly embarrassed comments on the matter later; read what Cameron, Clegg and Ed had to say on the petition page. Show your support, let's paint the town red. 


Text Sarah Raphael
Photography Hannah Altman