​winona ryder joins cher in marc jacobs campaign

Cher… Winona Ryder… is Christina Ricci going to complete the Mermaids cast in Marc Jacobs campaign?

by i-D Staff and Felicity Kinsella
Jun 29 2015, 1:49pm

The Marc Jacobs fall/winter 15 campaign is turning out to be something like the Bad Blood of the fashion world. Everyone's favorite Girl, Interrupted, Winona Ryder, joins Cher, Willow Smith, Anthony Keidis, famous kids Betty Lowe, Everly Bear and Marley Mackey, alongside famous parents and a whole host of models including Julia Nobis, Molly Bair, Aamito Lagum and Issa Lish.

Jacobs made the big reveal on his Instagram account, saying; "Winona and I have been friends for over 15 years. She first appeared in our campaign in 2003. Here she is as beautiful and unique as ever photographed by David Sims in our Fall/Winter campaign," before adding, "I love her wit, energy and besides being a great talent, she is a great friend!" Winona may have been keeping a low profile as of late, but with her supernatural Netflix series confirmed and her face set to appear in all the glossies alongside Cher's, Ryder's comeback is looking bright. All the campaign needs is an appearance from Christina Ricci and the 90s classic Mermaids cast will be complete…

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