missy elliott lost a stash of unreleased prince tracks

The queen of rap and The Purple One might have a posthumous collaboration in the works — provided she can find the songs he sent her.

by Hannah Ongley
Jun 8 2016, 3:32pm

Sometimes, when you move houses, things get lost. If you're a regular person, it might be a favorite coffee mug or pair of socks. If you're Missy Elliott, it might be unreleased Prince music. Apparently The Purple One sent a few tracks to rap's recently re-crowned queen ahead of a potential collaboration a few years back, though Elliott unfortunately misplaced them in the moving process. In a recent interview on the CBC's The Strombo Show, Elliott confirmed that there is indeed unreleased music from Prince floating around in her storage space with old vacuum cleaners and whatnot. 

"He had sent me some stuff, music of his and I moved and I could never find that music," she said, according to The Guardian. "Yesterday, I was sitting there saying, I have to go to my house, in my storage space, and find this music."

Elliott had approached Prince to ask permission to use his lookalike at one of her gigs. "When he entered the room, he was like a giant," she recalls of her late idol. "We really have to start appreciating these artists while they are still here, and not wait until these moments [after they've died] to recognize their genius and the greatness of what they've done for music."

Missy, if you want help looking, we'll gladly cancel all prior commitments. 


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