​from justin bieber’s willy to kylie jenner’s lips, here’s what broke the internet in 2015

So many things broke the internet this year, it’s a miracle that it’s still working.

by Tish Weinstock
Dec 23 2015, 5:28pm

In 2015, the internet broke repeatedly, and here's why:

Kim Kardashian's Derriere
OK, so it was officially published in late 2014, but Kim's bottom on the cover of Paper was still raging at the beginning of this year. Tenderer than a rump steak, and with more shine than a diamond, Kimberley's bottom literally stopped the internet in its tracks. In one picture it was so large that it could actually balance a small champagne glass on it, which people found so scary that they mimicked the look for Halloween.

Break The Internet Volume I
This is probably going to sound rather meta but not only did the internet break in 2015, it was also the year the phrase "break the internet" broke the internet, when it was used as a caption on Kim's kover of Paper magazine.

Craig David Was All Over Our Boink
Re-Rewind, did the crowd say Craig David was making a comeback? From the Vice Xmas party to the X-Factor stage, Craig was breaking the internet on Monday, smashing it on Tuesday, pretty much killed it on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, but Netflix and chilled with it on Sunday. But he mostly broke it when he gatecrashed Kurupt FM's Sixty Minute Live takeover on BBC Radio 1xtra and totally stole the show.

Madonna's Brit Awards Tumble
She fell, we laughed, the internet broke, while the backing dancer who tugged at her cape has never been seen again.

Justin's Schlong
Packing more heat than a heat pack, Justin Bieber's wedding tackle was exposed on a beach in Bali for the whole world to see, share, and salivate over. If you weren't a Belieber before, you will be now. Sometimes it's not too late say, "Sorry."

Kanye West For President
2015 was a great year for old Yeezy. Not only did he give a lecture to Oxford graduates, stage an impromptu grime gig at Koko, give birth to a saint, go on many a rant, launch two pretty much all beige fashion collections, frolic in a field for Juergen Teller, and proudly declare himself as the greatest fucking rock star on the planet, he also made a presidential bid. Sure, he was high, but the internet still loved it.

You Used To Call Me On The Internet, But Then It Broke
When Champagne Papi dropped his video for Hot Line Bling, the internet just could not deal with it. From memes of Drake playing tennis to him running away from a spider, it was the gif that kept on giffing.

Kylie Jenner's Lips
She sold out of her first ever lipstick collection within minutes and caused a worldwide #kyliejennereffect, whereby a lot of idiotic people would stick vacuums on the end of their mouths to make them look big/sometimes even explode. Yes, they're fake, but who cares? Kylie Jenner's lips are undoubtedly a wonderful, internet breaking thing.

Caitlyn's Big Reveal
You may have heard that American Olympic champion Bruce Jenner came out as a transgender woman called Caitlyn on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. Shot by Annie Leibovitz, and styled in a particularly glamorous corset, she took the internet's breath away.

Free The Nipple
I see nips, here, there and everywhere - round ones, small ones, some as big as your head. From topless protests in LA to the whole of Iceland flashing their nipples in solidarity, the web has seen a lot of free nipples floating around this year, as women the world over express their right to bare breasts. Nip, nip hooray!


Text Tish Weinstock