how to party like a DJ this New Year's Eve

If anyone knows how to throw a ledge party, it's a DJ. For New Year's Eve 2014, we asked our faves what their tips are for a top NYE.

Dec 31 2014, 9:40am

We've all got some good (and some bad) New Years Eve stories, but what a nightmare it always is! The weeks of having good intentions to get something planned and "make a night of it" always crumble down to the frantic "what are your NYE plans?" texting the night before, and in the end it usually turns out to be just like any other night only everything is quadrupled in price. 

However, if there are a bunch of people who know how to have a good time, it's usually DJs. 

Week in, week out playing to crowds all over the world and often picking up two or three DJ sets on NYE, they are never short of good NYE memories. We've asked a handful of our favourite DJs to give us the lowdown on their most memorable NYE moments and fill us in on their tips for making sure your night goes off with a bang, or two...

"My favourite ever NYE was a good few years ago now. We used to hire out this old mansion in the Quantock hills called Quantock Lodge for a few days, about 50 of us, and have a right old rave up for days. We would set decks and a big sound system up and just have a massive party with all the trimmings and lose ourselves for days on end with hilarious consequences. My top tip for making your new year go off with a bang would be to surround yourself with as many friends and loved ones as possible and get as battered as is humanly possible (safety first obviously) on whatever your weapon of choice may be and remember to HAVE FUNNNNNNN! This year I'll be throwing an Edible New Years Day at Electric Brixton, I'll be playing all night long and we have Grain and Lord Leopard in room 2 so make sure you come down!" Eats Everything

"We have two memories. First was playing outside in Copley Square in Boston a while back. It was way below freezing and we couldn't even feel our fingers. Plus it was all families so no one really cared about our music. The only thing that got us through was whiskey! When you're in the North East it feels like NYE is always the coldest day of the year and we did a Crew Love NYE party in an abandoned church in Bushwick two years ago so there was no heat. It was def one of the most epic parties we've done but the secret again was whiskey so we didn't freeze our titties off! This year we're in Miami so we don't have to worry about the weather, but stay warm out there!" Soul Clap

"My best New Year's Eve was a last minute decision to go to Sydney to see some friends. It was the first time I'd been away for New Year in a different country, especially a hot country and we ended up at Sydney Harbour. There was a massive firework show, in a huge house that my friend owned. It was just a surprise, I didn't think it would be as good as it was, it completely blew my mind, this was before I ever DJ'd. I think the best tip for New Year, because sometimes there's so much to do and it can be so hectic, is just to have a house party with your best friends and go out New Year's Day. Get it out the way with your close mates in a house if someone's got a nice place, get some nice music, don't overthink it and keep it simple, you'll have the best time and then you can get yourselves out on New Year's Day and go partying then! That was what we always used to do. This year I'll be spending New Year's Eve playing at Blue Marlin in Dubai alongside Jamie Jones which should be a good laugh." Richy Ahmed

"I think that's an easy one for us. New Year's Eve is generally a lot of smoke in mirrors and an excuse to overcharge everyone for an average night out. The best NYE parties are always something a bit more low key, spent at a friend's place with the right people and the right music. Art Department, the idea to work together and concept, was born at a NYE after party at our closest friend's house five years ago. Case and point." Art Department

"My most memorable NYE was in 1998 when my friend was too wasted to be allowed in any club, and then subsequently any taxi. Pushing a heavy, unconscious guy along in a shopping trolley, I then embarked on the two hour walk home along the seafront in the moonlight. The night was pretty average, but how many New Year's Days do you wake up without a hangover, feeling thoroughly exercised, and with a free shopping trolley? Winner." Russ Yallop

"In my experience it's always about being surrounded by your best friends. Make sure they're close by when midnight hits, the rest is personal taste." Ben Pearce


Text James Hutchins
Photography Dalton Reed