My beautiful friend Tyler on Venice Beach from a little test shoot a few months ago. 

grace pickering's year in photos

The most exciting photographers of 2016 share glimpses of their year in images.

by i-D Staff
Dec 26 2016, 5:50pm

My beautiful friend Tyler on Venice Beach from a little test shoot a few months ago. 

Friend Jack Pullman (and banjo player Puppeteer) finding some shade under a tree in West Hollywood. 

A smiley outtake from a shoot I did for Crack Magazine of the mighty jazz hero Kamasi Washington. It was a proud moment to have been able to photograph him, and an even prouder moment to have made him laugh!

An outtake of the lovely Nancy Steiner for, and her sweet pup who loved to be photographed!

A self portrait before bed from February. 

I shot a lot of documentary stuff in Venice this spring. This guy came up and asked me to take a photo of him in this blonde wig he'd just found. 

A snap of my dear friends Kaitlin and Pedro back in September. They discussed their political views with me for a piece I did addressing view points of this year's US election.

Musician Kyle McNeill at a rest stop on our way to the desert to shoot his music video.

Spanto and his friends hanging out in the back of Babylon skate shop.

Paying a visit to artist Michael Deyermond's home and studio. Here he is in front of just a few of his beautiful paintings. 

The coolest Carter McNeill swaggering through his high school graduation. 

Diane 'Pinky' Harman — the only woman running for mayor of Los Angeles this year — let me take her portrait outside Pink's hotdogs.

My dear friend Tallulah lying on the bed in her old Hollywood apartment in the summer, a couple of months before moving out. 


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