wedidit collective are the los angeles beat collective who want to get wavy with you

Fun attracts fun. Playing out beats to vibe and chill, eleven man strong LA based DJ and production crew Wedidit bring parties to a climax, at the press of multiple buttons.

by Milly McMahon
Jun 19 2014, 8:35pm

Photography Jasmine Safaeian

Headed up by elusive electronic artist and producer Shlohmo is the West Coast based Wedidit squad. Collated from their mates and local based talent like Juj, Joseph, Groundislava, D33J, Nick Melons, Dr. Blount, RL Grime, 2KWTVR, SUS BOY and Ryan Hemsworth, WEDIDIT is a brilliant, beat-based collective, chatting no bullshit.

Blurring the boundaries separating work and play, their tagline reads "professionally unprofessional since 1990". Playing out parties around the Sunshine State's most obscure warehouse and impromptu show spaces, bookers dial WEDIDIT when they want crowds to get wavy and lost in weirdness. Majoring in Trap, warped out House, a touch of  D&B, pure R&B, sampled G-funk and Hip Hop, each member of the crew represents influences and inspirations that help inform one another. A favourite of the world's number one online music streaming platform, The Boiler Room, WEDIDIT represent the future of electronic music railing against the tide of EDM. Creating a cycle of creativity, each artist's harmonies naturally juxtapose and compliment one another. Releasing some of the most influential, under the radar mixes and record releases dominating the blogosphere, WEDIDIT always enjoy time spent on deck. i-D rounded up the lads and got them to to ask each other questions for answers they didn't know they had in them.

Nick Melons: Do you like art or do you like fine art? Is a fine artist an artist who is fine as hell, or someone who works well with others? Who is your favourite fine ass artist?
Shlohmo: To answer your question Nick, art is better. Fine art means that it is fine like, it's just 'OK' art or it actually might mean that the art is just alright like it's not feeling 100% but he's 'fine.' A fine artist is one who is doing ok, he could be doing better but he can't complain. l actually don't know of any artists or fine artists personally so l don't have any favourites. Thanks for asking Nick.

Shlohmo: Everybody knows that DJing is the coolest, but what people don't know is how DJs play their music out, while all the time performing like a professional? You are one of my favourite DJs so maybe you can enlighten me on some of your coolest tricks and tips on the wheels of steel to make the party go all the way?
D33J: Hey Henry, I would love to share a few trick and tips of the trade for all the sweetboys out there! First things first. Borrow your coolest friend's USB, head to gig, put USB in the slot if it fits, play song with no drums, play song with drums, cut bottom filter, lift hand, repeat throughout set. Call it a day buddy! Industry tip: yelling over mix to the next song is a must, usually works to stir the crowd right up! Hope this helps any of my aspiring disc jockeys out there! 

D33J: Hey Purple. If you were stranded on a desert island for the rest of your life and could only bring three drugs, what would they be? 
Avocados, herbs and books .

Purple: Groundislava, if you had to give your life for something, what would that be?
Groundislava: If I gave my life for something real special, I would give it for Wedidit because they make good music.

Groundislava: Ryan, we all know that you love Rap music. But what about Rock music. Is Rock music dead? Is Wedidit our last hope for Rock 'n' Roll? 
Ryan Hemsworth: Thank you for asking, Jas. I have faith in Rock, but also in Wedidit's importance in that world because I have at least two friends who are actually in Wedidit, who play guitars. There might be more, who can tell. The point is that the fans want the feelings when it comes to a classic Wedidit anthem and it so happens that rock has always been about feels and fluids (specifically tears, blood, and cum [ew]). Rap is great, DJ is cool, dancing is yeah sure, but we all have 10.8.5s and Ableton, so how do you stand out? Go back to what really gets the mamas grooving - the axe! Expect more tapping on the frets and less tapping on the beat sync button, haha and I'm dead serious.

Ryan: OK Henry S. if you were stuck in an airplane on the tarmac for a year straight, not allowed to get off the plane, and you could only follow one person from each social media for the entire time you were sitting there, who would it be?
RL GRIME: Ryan thanks for a cool question! On Facebook I'd follow my Mum because l love my family. On Twitter I'd follow Barack Obama because l love my country. On Instagram l'd follow Gordon Ramsey because l love my friends. On Vine l'd follow Shaun White because l love Wedidit.


Text Milly McMahon
Photography Jasmine Safaeian

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