james franco to direct a movie about the zola story, obviously

The greatest Twitter saga ever gets the Franco treatment.

by Taylor Ford
Feb 5 2016, 6:29pm

Remember this past October a Hooters waitress named Zola, or @_zolarmoon tweeted our generation's Epic of Gilgamesh in 140 character increments? Of course you do.

"The Zola Story" as it became known, tells the tale of two strippers' road trip down to Florida that took a turn for the worse when one got kidnapped in a prostitution sting gone wrong.

As the world debated the authenticity of this too-insane-to-be-real story, Rolling Stone figured it's probably too-insane-to-make-up, and tracked down Zola to get to the bottom of it in,  'Zola Tells All: The Real Story Behind The Greatest Stripper Saga Ever Tweeted'. The story pretty much checks out, and will be the basis of James Franco's new screenplay.

Franco will likely reprise a stoner-on-an-adventure character similar to his role in Pineapple Express and play Jarrett, Zola's stripper buddy Jess' wuss boyfriend. But Twitter has plenty of suggestions for who should play the four central leads.

According to Deadline, the film will be produced by independent and ultra-progressive production company Killer Films, responsible for Carol, Still AliceMala MalaParty Monster, and Kids to name a few. So we're confident that the movie will not only be quality entertainment, but also, hopefully, shed light on the treatment of sex-workers.

After all, Twitter also pointed out that Zola's story has: racial diversity, great character development, insane plot twists, and racially diverse cast. It even passes the Bechdel test!


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