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From Gosha Rubchinskiy to Paul Smith, to celebrate Dover Street Market’s new move, we ask some of i-D’s friends and family about what the i-Conic store means to them.

by Tish Weinstock
Mar 18 2016, 3:25pm

As the saying goes, when one door shuts another door opens. Today Rei Kawakubo's i-Conic store, Dover Street Market, will be opening its doors to its shiny new premises at 18-21 Haymarket. To mark the occasion we asked some of our favorite designers about what their favorite stockist means to them.

"Dover Street Market is totally rare in its approach to all aspects of fashion, a store which celebrates and encourages creative freedom." Craig Green

"What I love about Dover St is its fantastic oddness. It's got this very diverse selection of clothes and objects in this very eclectic environment. You never, ever know quite what you're going to find in there." Paul Smith

"The DSM teams worldwide have always been very supportive of SIBLING usually buying show pieces and full finale looks to sit alongside the more commercial garments we offer. Bravely some might say, they buy the purest items we produce without dilution straight from catwalk: PVC womenswear, giant hand knits, boxing robes and needle punched catsuits. Plus being able to list DSM as a stockist is an incredible seal of approval for a small brand such as ours." Cozette McCreery, Sibling

"Dover Street Market is so special for so many reasons -- everything it stands for: its beautiful soul, inspiring creativity, inclusion of youth, respecting heritage and collaboration." Simone Rocha

"LOVE in the air there." Gosha Rubchinskiy

"I think it's just the amazingly mental selection of stuff they sell all together under one roof. Then also just the crazy details that go into displaying stuff and the shop fit, it's like a gallery. Every time I go into one of their shops I get lost or walk into a wall." Lev Tanju, Palace

"DSM really is very special because it's like a very well functioning family. Everyone looks out for each other and is wholly supportive and invested in every aspect. It feels like there are few limits, no rules or regulations which is an amazing feeling when it can be very easy to become commercial and boring. The most amazing thing is that they have put so much trust and support into my brand after only a few seasons; I feel incredibly lucky." Molly Goddard

"What makes DSM so unique is many things, but I will try to be synthetic. The fact that Rei Kawakubo opens her space to a selection of many different independent and big brands giving them freedom to set their space their own way thus creating a beautiful organized chaos. I would also add the choice of locations, the circulation inside them and the kindness and dedication of the DSM team really makes shopping at DSM a very pleasant and unique journey." Alexandre Guarneri, Homecore

"What makes Dover Street Market so special is its understanding that craft, fashion and art can be intricately connected as a triangle of sorts. Somehow, this makes each piece on display at DSM feel like in has been carefully selected and as though each brand has its own very special story to tell." Sophie Bille Brahe

"It's impeccable curation coupled with artistic vision gives it integrity and makes things interesting, especially now."Joe Corré, A Child of the Jago

"Simply the freedom each person has to express who they are in a space they love…It brings life to the project." EGG

"Intuition and freedom. The right blend to move forward." Sara Lanzi

"An eye popping melting pot of creativity." Michael Costiff, World Archive

"It is like diving into Rei Kawakubo's brain and having a party!" Stephen Jones

"DSM is a stunning trendsetter platform. Their choices and selections are a voice in fashion that resonates all over the world. I assume DSM clients expect to find the best edited selection in the world." Repossi

"I have always found DSM so unique because I feel that they are a trusted voice who know my shopping requirements more than I sometimes do. It is not only the most unique and personal shopping experience when I visit but it also the entire team and how they look after you and work together making every stage a pleasure. It is for these reasons that we have them as our partner in London as I love working with them." George Bamford


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