you can buy david bowie nyc subway cards now

For a limited time, of course.

by André-Naquian Wheeler
Apr 18 2018, 3:34pm

Screenshot via YouTube

David Bowie nostalgia has taken over New York. Tuesday afternoon, NYC’s Broadway-Lafayette subway station was transformed into a touching tribute to the late rock star. Celebrating the David Bowie Is exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum, fans are able to purchase five Metrocards featuring the chameleonic pop star at different stages in his career. One image features Bowie wearing clown-esque makeup, while another sees him as a clean-shaven boy in a suit. These Spotify-branded MetroCards are sure to disappear soon. Only 250,000 of them are available and long lines have formed at the station’s ticket booths.

The tribute is also an immersive visual experience. A portrait of the late pop star has been spray painted across a series of beams, best viewed from above.

The MTA announced the must-see spectacle on its Twitter account. Of course, users were quick to wonder how the MTA found the funds to stage the elaborate tribute, but not enough to keep the F train running on time. “Super cool I would like your next forward thinking media worthy collab to be ACTUALLY GETTING THE SUBWAY TO WORK REGULARLY AND STOP MAKING EVERYONE LATE TO WORK is there a Bowie song about that,” one user tweeted. Fair.

This is not the first collectors-edition MetroCard the MTA has released. Last year, our fave problematic transit system pleased hypebeasts everywhere by collabing with Supreme. The MTA also ventured into the art world when it teamed up with art maven Barber Kruger (who, coincidentally, inspired Supreme’s logo). We’d be here for a tribute to celebs who have proudly repped NYC. Imagine being able to carry around a picture of Cardi B in your wallet.