i-D meets: russki attrakcion

Strap yourself in and keep your knees and elbows inside the car, because party collective Russki Attrakcion (aka "Russian Rollercoaster") are about to take you on a wild night out in Moscow!

by i-D Staff
Sep 5 2017, 4:29pm

Russki Attrakcion began putting on club nights announced on the day of the event in hidden local spots as a reaction to the European-style clubs that dominated the scene. Holding spontaneous events in old Soviet cafés, Putin-backed biker garages and simple Chinese restaurants; a night out with Russki Attrakcion is a night like no other. Follow their recently appointed rooster mascot (they found him on the street the day of the party) and lose yourself in a world of spontaneity, ramshackle parties and an alternative underworld, by taking a moonlit ride through a new wave of Russian youth culture.

russki attrackion