what will you stand for in 2016?

Need some new year’s resolution inspiration? Stuck on what to wish for in 2016? We cast out minds back to The Activist Issue, in which some of the most creative minds around, from Pussy Riot and Wolfgang Tillmans to Riccardo Tisci and Tavi Gevinson...

by Tish Weinstock
Jan 1 2016, 2:00pm

Nykhor wears sweater Acne.

"I stand for voting. I can't stand it when people say voting doesn't matter." Wolfgang Tillmans, artist/photographer

"As a designer it's important to support people who are not accepted by society. It doesn't matter what color skin you have or what sexuality you are, if you're a good person, you're a good person." Riccardo Tisci, designer

"One of the main issues close to my heart is the conflict between particular religious groups, and the stereotyping of people." Vanessa Moody, model

"I have decided that I want this country to be more accepting for trans people and I will literally die trying to make that happen." Paris Lees, writer

"I stand for truth." Gosha Rubchinskiy, designer/photographer

"I stand for freedom. I stand for love. I stand for art. I stand for equality. I stand for otherness. And for respect. I stand for humanity and whatever makes the world better. I'm a matter-of-fact dreamer." Benjamin Bruno, stylist

"I want to redirect people to other voices that ought to be heard and only really speak for myself. There should not be one singular voice of a generation or face of a movement. We have incredible access to information, we don't have a huge generation gap with people older than us, we have been given tools that we are better versed at than our seniors, which is both exciting and dangerous." Tavi Gevison, activist/actor/editor-in-chief and founder of Rookie

"First of all you need to respect and love everybody around you the way you expect to be treated yourself; selfishness and egoism upset me." Irina Liss, model

"I represent my country and all the beautiful South Sudanese girls who didn't get a chance to escape." Nykhor Paul, model

"I stand for gender equality." Sofie Faouretchi, senior curator at Boiler Room

"I stand up for anyone who's ever been made to feel insignificant by a media culture which thrives off peddling insecurities and bullshit." Bertie Brandes, writer

"I stand for self-belief." Rejji Snow, musician

"I stand for equality and freedom of speech." Sean Frank, artist

"I stand for love and equality." Cavan McCarthy, musician

"I stand for honesty and happiness." Cozette McCreery, designer

"I want to give young people something to be excited about. Like I was, when I was 15 and looking at fashion shows by McQueen, Galliano, and Westwood." Ed Marler, designer

"I'm just being myself and I think that's me making the biggest statement." Desiree Akhavan, film director

"If you are not thinking about politics, politics will think about you. If you think that you are not involved in a political situation, well actually you are…we want our children to live in another Russia, which has independent media with education." Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Pussy Riot

"Be positive, stay green and donate when possible." Sionna Bismuth, model

"The issue of forced labor, particularly of children, is close to my heart. Everyone should have the right to freedom and education." Aya jones, model

"You've got to do something about the causes you believe in, speak up for what you believe is right, and avoid being hypocritical." Lida Fox, model


Text Tish Weinstock
Photography Nick Dorey
Styling Jack Borkett
Nykhor Paul wears jumper Acne. 
[The Activist Issue, No. 336, Spring 2015] 

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