caitlyn jenner breaks ​barack obama's twitter record

After Jenner revealed her new look, the President of the USA congratulated her… and conceded Twitter defeat.

by Charlotte Gush
Jun 2 2015, 2:50pm

Caitlyn Jenner only introduced herself to the world 18 hours ago, but she has already been crowned Queen of Twitter, attracting 1 million followers in less than 4 hours after her first tweet - smashing the previous world record, held by none other than President Barack Obama. Jenner's first tweet had no text, but presented her already-legendary Vanity Fair cover, showing her in corseted lingerie against a gold backdrop, shot by Annie Lebovitz.

Obama may have been swiftly deposed, but there were no sour cherries; the President graciously conceded defeat by retweeting Jenner and commenting that, "It takes courage to share your story." The president followed up that tweet with an invitation for others to share their story, saying, "Your story matters in the fight for LGBT rights" and linking to the LGBT Story Share section of his website.

Alluding to her Olympic gold medal-winning past, Jenner later tweeted about her new social stardom, saying, "Another Jenner world record, and at 65? Who'da thought! Humbled & honored to have reached 1M followers in 4 hrs. Thank you for your support."

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