listen to angel haze’s new wes anderson inspired track

The agender rapper dropped ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ this morning, a track inspired by the idiosyncratic director’s depiction of young love.

Sep 8 2015, 4:05pm

Wes Anderson's colorful worlds have inspired countless works far beyond film: a video game, a Kanye West crossover Tumblr, and more recently, amassive group art show. But today, Moonrise Kingdom's lovers on the lam ran straight into a brand new track by hip-hop renegade Angel Haze, which premiered on Noisey this morning.

Haze has already come out swinging with a slew of singles from their [Haze identifies as agender and has stated a preference for they/their pronouns] forthcoming full-length Back to the Woods, which is due out on September 14. Recently released Babe Ruthless might have seen some big league lyrical bars, but Moonrise Kingdom seems to eschew rhymes all together. Noisey compared the soaring ballad to "full Florence + Machine bombastic pop territory." Based on its lilting piano melodies and beautifully powerful vocals, we'd have to agree.

As to where Anderson's 12-year-old runaways come into play, Haze cited the film's lightning-crack climax as the emotional track's impetus: "This song is like the part in the film [Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom] where they're on the roof in that wicked thunderstorm and they're trying to decide if they're going to jump in love and possibly die together or let everyone else tear them and their wild apart. I don't know. Fuck love," the rapper told Noisey via email.

Back to the Woods releases on September 14. New Yorkers: take your first listen with Haze at Noisey's album release party at Baby's All Right


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