watch the trailer for james franco’s lesbian vampire film

Think of it as the same-sex ‘Buffy’ option you always wanted.

by Wendy Syfret
May 30 2016, 3:26pm

Image via Twitter

Earlier this year James Franco announced that he was remaking the cheesy accidental classic Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? Originally produced in 1996 by Lifetime, the film starred Tori Spelling as a teenage girl in a relationship with an increasingly obsessed and dangerous teenage boy. James Franco being James Franco, he also casually added that his take would be a lesbian vampire thriller.

Now the trailer for this unexpected — although not hugely surprising — remake is out and it's just as camp as you would expect. More Buffy than Cape Fear, both Tori Spelling and Franco pop up in cameos. The director previously said he was out to make a "very non-Lifetime movie on Lifetime," and from what we've seen, he's certainly managed that. The film will premier on Lifetime on June 18, but check out the trailer here.


Image via Twitter

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