Photography by Gabriella Lo Presti

see haunting photos of australia's rural ghost towns

Gabriella Lo Presti's debut solo show 'From Away' uses an outsider's perspective to capture the quiet stillness of rural Australia.

by Mitch Parker
Oct 26 2018, 3:45pm

Photography by Gabriella Lo Presti

Sydney-based artist Gabriella Lo Presti was well aware of her place as an outsider when she started photographing rural Australian towns — in fact she based her debut solo show around it. The title From Away is taken from the phrase used by locals to refer to anyone not from their community. With an understanding and appreciation for her outsider role Gabriella was able to capture something special from what locals considered commonplace. The hauntingly quiet series serves as a time capsule of rural Australia's past but also an understanding of all of our futures, that perhaps someday everything will become desolate and undervalued.


Gabriella Lo Presti's 'From Away' opens at China Heights on October 26 from 6–8pm and continues by appointment until November 4.

This article originally appeared on i-D AU.

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