exclusive premiere: bossman birdie teams up with skepta for 'walk the walk'

The childhood pals link for an exciting new offering.

by Hattie Collins
Apr 14 2017, 2:44pm

Whether Mike Skinner's "Prangin' Out" remix or his own "Wristbands," ft. Skepta and Meridian Dan, north London's Bossman Birdie always makes a mark. Yet it was in his appearance on Skepta's 2006 classic "Duppy (Doin' It Again)" that the Meridian Walk MC really held his own against Wiley, JME, Footsie, Jammer, Bearman, Trim, and MC Creed.

Bossman nods to those infamous "Duppy" bars on his new single, "Walk the Walk." Produced by his childhood pal Skepta, "Walk the Walk" is signature low-fi Skeppy. Its skippy yet mean'n'moody synths and clipped high hats form the perfect backdrop for Bossman's infamous refrain: "Them c'yant walk the walk like me, then c'yant talk the talk like me."

Press play on "Walk the Walk" as it premieres on i-D today, and get ready to talk the talk as Bossman Birdie takes us through the tune.

1. "Walk the Walk" is produced by Skepta and making it was a doddle: "I've known Skep for over 20 years. When I told him I wanted to make 'Walk the Walk,' the energy in that conversation, I knew it would be a classic. From our Meridian days we've always had a similar taste in music so this was the easiest session I've done."

2. The track was recorded at Skepta's house: "It was a sick vibe. When Skep finished, we knew we had something special. As he was making the track, I could see him reciting the hook 'Dem c'yant walk the walk.' I took the track away and recorded the rest at Bandicoot Studios and finally with [legendary grime engineer] MSM Engineer."

3. It features more than one classic Bossman Birdie lyric: "Another line is, 'When the gash phone me more time mi busy.' That's taken from a classic freestyle I did with JME and Big H. It's just indicating that I'm such a boss that I don't have time to deal with the distraction of the opposite sex. Also I chose to use this to add to the nostalgia of the track. I wanted the old skool dons to relate and the new skool to learn the essence."

4. The track is designed to make us all feel like The Man or The Woman: "I wanted it to uplift people. It has a confident spirit. It's designed to make you feel like The Man, or The Woman, when you need that motivation. But it's also something people can dance and vibe to. I have a few favorite lines on the track — 'If you can't walk the walk your name's Bambi' always cracks me up. And 'Rated you but you blocked man, dickhead, now you can't watch man.' That one is for the mugs that blocked me."

5. The track is signed to EGA via Island Records: "I signed with Island because they are a family — not to mention it's the home of the legend of Bob Marley, who I am a huge fan of. I just loved the vibe over there and I knew that we'd work well together. So far so good, right!"


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