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what's it like being an openly gay k-pop artist?

Holland's message couldn't have come at a better moment.
i-D Team
2 hours ago

a glimpse of seoul’s pulsating rave scene

"No one knows what will happen tomorrow, after the loud music has stopped."
Juule Kay
3 hours ago

the fashion awards in london gave 10 new year’s resolutions for the industry

From a pregnant HRH The Duchess of Sussex to a fired up Dame Vivienne Westwood, the winners and guests of the The Fashion Awards 2018 in partnership with Swarovski used their platforms to encourage positive change.
Steve Salter
6 hours ago

no, supreme is not collaborating with samsung​

But a fake Supreme is, and technically it's legal.
Mitch Parker
6 hours ago

the rebel rescuers of the mediterranean migrant crisis

Mediterranean migrant search-and-rescue organization Sea-Watch has rescued well over 35,000 people. But it’s an all-volunteer crew composed of everyday people from German IT specialists to Basque lifeguards.
Rod Stanley
6 hours ago

the reality of the natural hair journey, by women who have lived it

Reverting back to your natural afro texture isn’t always as linear and life-affirming as Instagram suggests.
Giselle La Pompe-Moore
6 hours ago

daily horoscopes: december 11, 2018

What to do with today’s nervous energy.
Jaliessa Sipress
16 hours ago

coach brings a 70s groove to shanghai

The iconic brand delivers a lesson on how to show in China.
Jack Sunnucks
a day ago

is the media helping us foster more empathy for addicts?

Films like 'Beautiful Boy' and 'A Star Is Born' illustrate a level of compassion for those suffering from addiction, while also underscoring what’s still lacking from current media portrayals.
Sara Radin
a day ago

jaden smith is back in the 'neo yokio' christmas special

Vetements x Mt Sinai? Consider us deceased.
Jack Sunnucks
a day ago

meet the faces of tbilisi's legendary techno club

Nearly six months after the 'rave revolution' that made Bassiani famous, i-D spoke to the young ravers about their hopes for the future.
Nicole DeMarco
a day ago

the artist tackling toxic masculinity through nude portrait sessions

Watch Daniel Crook's 'Precious Stones' series being made, in a film by Luka Fisher and Matthew Kaundart.
Isabelle Kohn
a day ago