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paloma elsesser on why there's no fashion week like new york's

The model tells i-D about her friendship with Eckhaus Latta, fashion's ever increasing diversity, and why she can't be bothered to go out.
Jack Sunnucks
11 hours ago

no sesso joins adidas and mls for a sporty fashion show

The longtime collaborators showcased their 2019 soccer jersey collection with help from Pierre Davis, Corey T. Stokes, Sara Gourlay, and Andrew Andrade.
Diane Paik
2 days ago

peggy gou’s 'starry night' and everything else you need to listen to today

Let our playlist be your indispensable gui-De to this week's new music.
Frankie Dunn
12 hours ago

rei kawakubo will be the first designer to receive the isamu noguchi award

“I am not an artist, an architect or even a product designer. I have always only been looking to make something new, which didn’t exist before."
Nicole DeMarco
12 hours ago

how ‘minding the gap’ addresses mental health in skating

The film’s director, Bing Liu, discusses anxiety in skate culture and breaking through the stigma and silence
Oliver Lunn
12 hours ago

this artist is tackling blackness and feminism through artful memes

How Rinny Perkins is using her 70s-inspired digital collages to talk intersectional feminism and self-care.
Zio Baritaux
15 hours ago

meet 'tight', the female-run platform showcasing kyiv's underground music scene

From drinking with Nastya Muravyova to lecturing on the state of music criticism, this trio are creating content beyond the dancefloor.
Juule Kay
12 hours ago

daily horoscopes: march 22, 2019

The Moon in Scorpio sets an intense, cunning tone for the weekend.
Jaliessa Sipress
16 hours ago

it’s called ffasiwn

Opening next week at the Martin Parr Foundation, Charlotte James and Clémentine Schneidermann discuss the story behind their enchanting photo series shot in the Valleys of Wales.
Ryan White
17 hours ago

tyrone and frank lebon release new photography book

It’s inspired by Harmony Korine’s upcoming film, ‘The Beach Bum’.
Roisin Lanigan
16 hours ago

12 women tell us how they see the future

The future is a scary place — we ask some modern day L.A. riot girls and magic women what they hope for.
Keyla Marquez, Symrin Chawla and Eva Sealove
2 days ago

the petition to cancel brexit has hit one million signatures in record-breaking time

The British public really did that.
Danil Boparai
17 hours ago