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what students wore to their first day back at university

These fashion and arts students in London are pushing the boundaries of good taste, one box of acid-green hair dye at a time.
Georgia Canning
25 minutes ago

farao bares her soul to the sound of soviet-era disco

On 'Pure-O,' the Berlin-based electronic artist tackles sexual desire, addiction, and the complexities of human emotion.
Nick Fulton
36 minutes ago

chela and banoffee's weird magic, plus other Australian musicians you need to know

In one curated list.
Briony Wright
an hour ago

this new zealand label makes post-streetwear streetwear

Checks' new collection is an ode to mid-century Americana and golf club fashion.
Mitch Parker
an hour ago

mø's forever neverland and all the other new music you need to hear today

Want eternal youth? Listen to the best of new music Friday in this i-D-curated playlist.
Frankie Dunn
2 hours ago

the 7 types of student you’ll meet at fashion school

From The Pseudo-Theorist to The ‘Accidental’ Margiela Plagiarist, welcome to fashion school, darling.
Mahoro Seward
2 hours ago

how tight borders affect fashion

With Brexit looming and the opportunity for students to forge careers in London after graduating even less feasible, we look at the implications on the fashion industry of stricter borders.
Alysha Lee
3 hours ago

daily horoscopes: october 19, 2018

If you feel equal parts agitated and confused today, you can blame it on the stars.
Jaliessa Sipress
9 hours ago

streetwear label patta's collab with nike is inspired by defiant dressing

Joyce NG photographs the collection in Lebanon exclusively for i-D.
i-D Staff
a day ago

5 gallery shows we love at lower east side art week

The New York neighborhood’s inaugural event, from October 17 to 21, spotlights emerging female artists in vibrant color.
Nicole DeMarco
a day ago

lexie smith makes intimate art from bread

Meet the artist challenging the narrative on gluten with her thoughtful creations.
Alexandra Weiss
a day ago
mental health

how to tell if you are in a toxic relationship

"I know that I can be toxic, but the last thing I need is someone that puts me in a box and tells me it’s all in my head."
Lera Abova
a day ago