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daily horoscopes: november 20, 2018

The Moon moves into Taurus, today, and we get some time to savor the gifts we’ve been given, lately.
Jaliessa Sipress
an hour ago

instagram is declaring war on fake followers and paid for likes

Could this mean the death of the influencer, as we know it, is upon us?
Roisin Lanigan
an hour ago

meet spencer boldman, future cinema idol

A new era James Dean.
Douglas Greenwood
3 hours ago

what is audio porn and is it an exploitation-free way to get off?

Listen up.
Megan Wallace
an hour ago

martin parr shoots the gucci cruise collection in cannes

Two icons come together in one fantastic, limited edition book.
Felix Petty
an hour ago

the future of fashion is trash

CSM MA student Matthew Needham makes fierce fashion out of environmental waste, fly-tipped rubbish and upcycled luxury fashion deadstock.
Steve Salter
an hour ago

white girls reinventing themselves as black women on instagram has to stop

As a recent Twitter storm brought attention to social media blackface, Emma Dabiri looks at the cultural history of this racist practice and its links to black women being perceived as sexually available.
Emma Dabiri
an hour ago

watch pete davidson rap about ruth bader ginsburg on snl

Ariana who?
Nicole DeMarco
19 hours ago

now you can get your nails done by one of fashion’s favorite nail artists

Ama Quashie paints nails for the biggest fashion shoots and shows, and at her new Brixton salon, she can do yours too.
Shannon Peter
19 hours ago

are jaden smith and tyler, the creator a couple? part 2

Important news.
Jack Sunnucks
20 hours ago

céline dion has been breaking the gender binary since 1991

Our investigation proves Céline was an advocate for gender-fluidity long before she broke into a maternity ward.
Dane Scott
20 hours ago

5 photographers reimagining masculinity

From ​Turkish men in ruffled Gucci blouses to Mexico's Cholombiano subculture, fashion photography lets us push the boundaries of what it means to be a man today.
Sarah Moroz
21 hours ago