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nigerian youth on the change they want to see

Nigeria is about to vote in a new president, and the outcome will have a vast impact on the country's youth, who make up over half of the population. 17-year-old photographer Isabel Okoro captured her peers and asked them what they want for the country.
Isabel Okoro
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we’re millennials 2.0 and we’re coming to get you — lauren stocks on generation change

Teenager Lauren Stocks blew our minds with her speech at the Labour party conference last year. Voice trembling with emotion, she spoke out for every “spaced-out, stressed-out, depressed kid in a battlefield where they can’t afford pens and paper."
Lauren Stocks
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why donald trump is good for the lgbt vote

Daniel Reynolds of The Advocate explains how Trump’s bigotry can be a galvanizing force for the very people most alienated by his message.
Daniel Reynolds

​e4 will switch off on election day to encourage you to vote

Channel 4 are pulling the plug so that you go to the polling station.
Charlotte Gush

the importance of voting

Young people could sway the result of May's general election in the UK, so it's more necessary than ever to engage with politics and make our voices heard.
Matthew Whitehouse

​take back the vote: why young people need to push their way back into politics

With a general election to come this year, Nathalie Olah examines the political landscape for young people in 2015.
Nathalie Olah