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Kate Bellm's striking photos capture the spirit of endless summer

Her latest photo book 'AMOR' is a love letter to the island of Mallorca, spontaneous road trips and the naked body.
Emma Russell

dancing for freedom in tbilisi

At the weekend, Georgian youth threw a protest rave outside Parliament after armed police stormed a Tbilisi nightclub. Following the protest, i-D talked to Tbilisi’s creative youth about what happened, and what's next.
Anastasiia Fedorova

photographing queer youth culture in regional spaces

In their latest series, Jonno Revanche explores unseen LGBTQ+ experiences in country Australia. "I'm in awe of people thriving under difficult conditions and circumstances," they say, "of people finding connection and understanding and empathy in a...
Ena Grozdanić

meet the coolest kids from tokyo, straight up!

Open your ears to the voices that get washed away in the hustle and bustle of present day Tokyo. You may find what you were looking for.
i-D Japan
i-D Staff

teen photographers capture their creative friends

Five budding photographers from the Bronx to Cali shoot and interview their friends to learn about their hopes and dreams in a new political climate.
i-D Staff

documenting the traveling ravers, clubbers, and hippies of the late 80s and early 90s

Matthew Smith’s images document the UK's outsider youth movements at the end of the Thatcherism in all their mud-caked, pill-soaked bliss and righteous anger.
Felix Petty

the world’s first museum of youth culture could be opening in london

The people behind 'Sleazenation' have been awarded a lottery grant to start restoring a vast archive of subculture photography.
Felix Petty

sunwashed photos of ukraine's hidden beauty

Nadia Sablin's 'Rosegarden' series is a deceptively pretty ode to the Ukraine of her youth.
J.L. Sirisuk
Donald Trump

olivia bee's call for radical diversity in the land of trump

How fashion photography can actually make a difference, starting right now, with you.
Olivia Bee

young londoners tell us about their vision for the future

Photographer Finn Constantine hits the streets of the capital to hear the hopes and dreams of the young Londoners with the future in their hands.
i-D Staff
Think Pieces

stop texting and pick up the phone; it will make you happier

Snapchat and Instagram Stories can never replace the delicious sound of your friend's voice in your ear.
Mattie Kahn
Los Angeles

celebrating eight decades of l.a. youth culture, from pachucos to post-punks

'Tastemakers & Earthshakers' not only champions the vibrant facets of L.A. youth culture (zoot suits, Mexrrissy, party crews, and low rider gearheads) but also explores how these urgent movements are enmeshed in social issues.
Emily Manning