viktor & rolf


seven things you might have missed at couture

From Celine Dion to Clickbait Couture.
Osman Ahmed
fashion interviews

viktor&rolf discuss their fashion universe ahead of their first major australian exhibition

'Viktor&Rolf: Fashion Artists' at the NGV will showcase haute couture from the designers who continue to push fashion into new territory.
Briony Wright

fashion is finding inspiration in tv's forgotten heroes

Amid icons like Joan Collins and Fran Drescher are the underrated legends whose style we still see echoed on the catwalk.
Zac Bayly

viktor & rolf to halt ready-to-wear

The Dutch design duo will produce a final ready-to-wear collection, but it will not be shown at Paris Fashion Week.
Emily Manning

stephane marais, the supermodel's make-up artist

Make-up artist Stephane Marais is major with a capital M. There is nothing this man hasn’t achieved with a touch of foundation, some eyeliner and a dab of lippy. He has enhanced the looks of the most beautiful women and men to ever grace the earth.
Holly Shackleton

when lily interviewed kristen

When Kristen McMenamy shot onto the modelling scene in the late 80s, her bleached eyebrows, big lips, strong nose and dramatically short haircut caught the fashion industry by storm. The Pennsylvanian born supermodel has since flown the flag high for...
i-D Team

alexandre de betak, designing dream worlds for 25 years

Alexandre de Betak is the show director and producer behind John Galliano's wintry, other-worldly snow tunnel (autumn/winter 09), the ultra sultry Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows, Dior's magical tropical greenhouse (spring/summer 14) and most recently...
Felicity Kinsella