taking photos of tinder dates' bedrooms

Photographer George Downing is redefining intimacy with glimpse into the bedrooms of the boys he met on the dating app.
Ellen Rule

​why you'll soon be seeing diesel ads on grindr, tinder, pornhub and youporn

Whilst exploring our obsession with social media, the cast of Joe Jonas, Kiko Mizuhara, Stav Strashko and co will touch you in unexpected places. We spoke with Nicola Formichetti about why Diesel’s spring/summer 16 campaign is set to appear where you...
Steve Salter
Think Pieces

what is love in the computer age?

What is love when we’re all online, living out our relationships in front of everyone, from crushes to exes, to rivals? What happens when it all goes wrong – has the networked society made lovesickness milder, or bitterer than ever?
Dean Kissick

aspirational director, matthew frost talks kirsten dunst, selfies and #fashion

Matthew Frost is the filmmaker and photographer who makes fashion films, takes the piss out of fashion films and has won the fashion industry over with his video shorts starring A-list actresses, poking fun at the perils of fame and the internet...
Felicity Kinsella

thomas brodie-sangster gets knocked out by love! (and the monsters of the maze runner)

You might remember him as the lovesick tween in Love Actually but Thomas Brodie-Sangster’s on an adventure much bigger than heartbreak now as he tackles snakes and runs through labyrinths in The Maze Runner.
Felicity Kinsella
Think Pieces

how much has our perception of beauty been changed by social media?

We're all guilty of it; enhancing photographs of ourselves, our friends and our surroundings before posting them on Instagram/ Twitter/ Tinder (delete as appropriate). But how do these tampered versions of beauty affect our perception of self...
Sarah Raphael

i-Sex: it's better than sex

In November this year, just as Andrew Bujalski’s Computer Chess was released in cinemas and Spike Jonze launched the trailer for Her, a news story broke in Japan that suggested we, as a species, are losing interest in sex.
Tom Seymour