why i can’t stop looking at photos from early 2000s movie premieres

Twitter account Movie Premieres Unlimited explores evolving celebrity culture through outfits from 90s and 00s red carpets.
Isabella Trimboli

a girl’s guide to the environment

Let’s face it, we could all do better.
Bertie Brandes
the sounding off issue

pink and hans zimmer sound off

For The Sounding Off Issue​, we asked a collection of music makers, writers, thinkers and shakers to contribute their thoughts and opinions about music in 2017. First up, PINK and Hans Zimmer.
hans zimmer

how skins provided teens with vital, nuanced depictions of mental illness

With plot lines about eating disorders, depression, and addiction, the show changed the landscape of teen dramas 10 years ago.
André-Naquian Wheeler
Notting HIll Carnival

why all of london suffers if carnival is ticketed

If the Baroness has her way, Notting Hill Carnival could be reduced, against the wishes of organisers, into a pale, ticketed parade.
Ian McQuaid

is it really that bad to be a jack of all trades, rather than a master of one?

With designers becoming the creative directors, business minds and faces of their brands, musicians making, producing and designing the cover art of their own albums, and Instagram stars becoming writers, vloggers and art directors, should we still...
Georgie Wright

20 ways that female artists inspire ryan hemsworth more than male artists

The handsome Canadian prince of production won our hearts with his remixes and kept the love alive with his 2014 album, Alone For The First Time. Currently keeping our ears happy and our twitter timelines full of pokemon and weird videos, Ryan finds...
i-D Team
Think Pieces

metrosexuality is dead, thank god for that

Metrosexuality was one of the biggest phenomena of the 2000s. Where is it now?
Anders Christian Madsen

norman jay is the good times carnival king

We couldn’t have considered celebrating Carnival without including the legendary Norman Jay MBE, the man behind the iconic Good Times Soundsystem. If you went to Notting Hill Carnival anytime from the 1980s onwards, you had to pass through Good Times...
i-D Team

want to know why your favourite new music brands start their lives in bedrooms?

Ever since the early House clubs in Chicago and Detroit, dance music had been a pretty simple system. You have the producers and DJs, the labels, the promoters, the radio stations and the media. Those interlocking institutions would govern rave culture...
i-D Team
Think Pieces

what does friendship mean in 2014?

If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends. Make it last forever, friendship never ends… except it does.
Francesca Dunn
Think Pieces

do you need a signature look to make it in fashion?

Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, Emmanuelle Alt - the most powerful people in fashion have their everyday look down to a science, but what comes first, the success or the signature style?
Courtney Iseman