why i can’t stop looking at photos from early 2000s movie premieres

Twitter account Movie Premieres Unlimited explores evolving celebrity culture through outfits from 90s and ’00s red carpets.
Isabella Trimboli

a girl’s guide to the environment

Let’s face it, we could all do better.
Bertie Brandes
the sounding off issue

pink and hans zimmer sound off

For The Sounding Off Issue​, we asked a collection of music makers, writers, thinkers and shakers to contribute their thoughts and opinions about music in 2017. First up, PINK and Hans Zimmer.
hans zimmer
agony aunt

dear eva, pls help

Our new agony aunt Eva Wiseman helps us untangle some of the knots in the tights of life.
Eva Wiseman

new gen, new geography: how london’s queer nightlife has rebuilt itself

London’s LGBT spaces are disappearing, leaving an underground queer culture to materialise in place of what had become a stagnant, homogenised scene.
Amelia Abraham
Think Pieces

trans model teddy quinlivan shares a brave and empowering message

Last week, during NYFW spring/summer 18, US model Teddy Quinlivan posted a video with CNN in which she publicly revealed her transgender identity. Motivated by both personal and political reasons, here she opens up and speaks out about her journey.
Teddy Quinlivan

real bands, fake gigs: when your favourite musicians played your favourite tv shows

With NIN playing The Roadhouse in Twin Peaks we rummaged through the groove bag of time to reminisce about that time The Flaming Lips played Beverly Hills 90210 and more.
Russell Dean Stone

“just fucking do it” and 13 other creative life lessons from port eliot festival

Reflecting this year on youth activism, marching and protest, the fashion happenings in the Wardrobe Department at Port Eliot Festival were all about the power of joining in to make our world a brighter, more brilliant place.
i-D Staff
Steve Salter

why does fashion love eastpak backpacks so much? we asked raf simons

As the Belgian designer collaborates with the classic American bagmaker for the sixth time, we asked him about his love of the practical, normcore staple favored by everyone from Vetements to your dad.
Ryan White

the hidden stories of the world's six-figure fragrances

These are the world's rarest, most elusive perfumes.
Briony Wright

how ‘skins’ provided teens with vital, nuanced depictions of mental illness

With plot lines about eating disorders, depression, and addiction, the show changed the landscape of teen dramas 10 years ago.
André-Naquian Wheeler
Think Pieces

mental health; the issue that never quite was

Mental health is slowly being discussed in less defining – and damning – terms, but there is a still a huge lack of real support for sufferers. While self diagnosis, self medication and self help may benefit the department of health, there is an urgent...
Nathalie Olah