Too much self-care is making us careless

The world’s burning: do you really want to be lying in bed with a face mask while it does?
Dane Harrison

the strange story of kim kardashian and her personal paparazzo

“Maybe if you had a fucking business that you were passionate about then you would know what it takes to run a fucking business but you don't.”
Philippa Snow

we’re still talking about that fyre festival evian story

How Andy King's revelation in Netflix's Fyre Festival documentary divided the internet.
Mitch Parker

why are australians obsessed with tourist merch?

It's not just a Bintang singlet.
Lucy Jones

​where is the sex in art?

From John Currin to Jeff Koons, Tracy Emin to rising artist Alba Hodsoll, curator and Girls Only founder Antonia Marsh wants to talk about sex.
Antonia Marsh
Think Pieces

mental health; the issue that never quite was

Mental health is slowly being discussed in less defining – and damning – terms, but there is a still a huge lack of real support for sufferers. While self diagnosis, self medication and self help may benefit the department of health, there is an urgent...
Nathalie Olah

2015 the year of.... the female mc

Here's to twelve glorious months of women utterly slaying it in the rap game.
i-D Staff
Think Pieces

in the mood for nude

The practice of retouching isn’t always sinister, but where do we draw the line between artistic vision and the peddling of homogenous ideas of beauty? This new year Bertie Brandes encourages us to bare all...
Bertie Brandes
Think Pieces

5 new year resolutions for 2015 from the i-D video team

Stuck on what to pick for your New Year’s Resolutions? The i-D video team are here to help. Why not learn a new language supermodel style with our Model Mother Tongue series? Or better yet step up to the New Year in style with our A-Z of Dance. 2015 is...
Declan Higgins
i-D Team