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Think Pieces

we’re addicted to notifications, likes and follower counts. so what now?

Withholding notifications and then releasing them en masse is just one sinister tactic employed by social media platforms to increase our addiction. Do we need to take heed of Kanye's advice and eradicate follower numbers and likes altogether?
Claudia Paterson
Think Pieces

keanu forever: why keanu reeves is perfect

We’ll never stop loving you, Keanu.
Philippa Snow

instagram is the only dating app we're all using

Instagram publicises our private moments and makes our relationships "official". It's shaping how we love even if we think it doesn’t.
Dane Scott

does 'the hills' have a place in 2018?

It was a pioneer of the scripted-reality format we’ve become so obsessed with. But how will it fair in a culture that’s ultimately outgrown it?
Yusuf Tamanna

are dad trainers over?

And are we all bored of ugly fashion now?
Felix Petty
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what does changing social media use reveal about the shifting anxieties of gen z?

Does migration to self-deleting media and trigger-happy liking mean that Gen Z are less anxious than millennials?
Brian O'Flynn
Think Pieces

welcome to the era of celebrities interviewing celebrities

It’s not a good era, not gonna lie.
Roisin Lanigan

why hip-hop loves craig green

When hip-hop, a genre still beholden to binary ideas of masculinity and heteronormativity, begins to embrace fashion that is a little more gentle, a little more tear-inducing, there's change afoot.
Ryan White
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here’s why sza’s plastic-free line could change the sustainable fashion game

The ethical fashion industry is in sore-need of a rebrand. Can stars like SZA be the ones to do it?
Jake Hall
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why this tweet about mental health services went viral

Going to A&E in the midst of a mental health crisis, writer Emily Reynolds was turned away with nothing more than a pamphlet. When she tweeted about the absurdly inadequate treatment, the response from others about similar experiences was overwhelming.
Emily Reynolds
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the importance of depicting “tucking” on screen for trans women

As the 2018 summer heat flares to record highs across the globe, the pressure to "tuck" explodes. For the first time, this simple act played out sensitively on screen in 'Pose'.
Sessi Kuwabara Blanchard

grindr has a new app to address discrimination

Grindr’s upcoming rebrand to ‘Kindr’ says “It’s time to play nice” -- but what can an app do to solve the epidemic of discrimination among gay men?
Yusuf Tamanna