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Think Pieces

fashion students in australia are using crowdfunding to secure creative freedom

Australian crowdfunding platforms like Pozible are helping young designers access resources previously out of reach.
Briony Wright

what constantly worrying about money does to your mental health

Behind the smoke screen of outrageous money diaries and upscaled Instagram shots, financial difficulties are seriously harming young people.
Cristiana Bedei
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the decision to provide cannabis for free on the NHS is a long-overdue step forward

Today it was announced that cannabis could be available on prescription as early as next month -- a vital and necessary development in the treatment of long-term conditions and mental health care.
Roisin Lanigan

where are all the transgender men?

As the Gender Recognition Act comes back into the spotlight, author Caspar Baldwin gives a personal account of growing up trans in the UK.
Caspar Baldwin
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why we can all do better with ghosting

Do we need to accept it as part of dating now, or does something need to change?
Nick Levine
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selfishness in the age of self-care

Are we cancelling plans, retreating from friends and avoiding real problems under the guise of ‘self-care’?
Cristiana Bedei
the earthwise issue

confessions of a former #metoo sceptic

It seems rather depressing, and possibly even counterproductive to suggest that #MeToo hasn’t had a tangible effect on working women’s lives, and it’s not that I don’t think it will -- it’s just that it hasn’t happened yet.
Otegha Uwagba
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what it means if you hate having your picture taken

For those of us who prefer not to be the focus of attention, it used to be so much easier to hide.
Christian Jarrett
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we’re addicted to notifications, likes and follower counts. so what now?

Withholding notifications and then releasing them en masse is just one sinister tactic employed by social media platforms to increase our addiction. Do we need to take heed of Kanye's advice and eradicate follower numbers and likes altogether?
Claudia Paterson
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keanu forever: why keanu reeves is perfect

We’ll never stop loving you, Keanu.
Philippa Snow

instagram is the only dating app we're all using

Instagram publicises our private moments and makes our relationships "official". It's shaping how we love even if we think it doesn’t.
Dane Scott

does 'the hills' have a place in 2018?

It was a pioneer of the scripted-reality format we’ve become so obsessed with. But how will it fair in a culture that’s ultimately outgrown it?
Yusuf Tamanna