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why are we so bad at breaking up with people?

i-D explores the lack of authenticity and directness when it comes to dating and breaking up with people today.
Sara Radin

what's your side-hustle really costing you?

9 to 5 isn’t enough anymore: it’s 9 to 5 to midnight now. Anything less, and we start to feel an insidious sense of guilt.
Emily Reynolds
think piece

the feminist comedians dismantling sexist ‘jokes’

From Hannah Gadsby to Ali Wong, a distinct wave of smart female comics are poking fun at the old guard of comedy and starting from scratch.
El Hunt

why we're all so obsessed with neon

In the era of 'fake news' and reality star presidents, neon is everywhere, allowing us to revel in the hyperreal.
Dane Scott
Think Pieces

are we pushing horror film actors too far?

Actors are putting their mental health at risk for movies that push the boundaries of fear.
Emily Kirkpatrick
Think Pieces

the problem with ryan murphy's take on #metoo

No, you should not make a fictionalised show about the #MeToo movement.
Emily Kirkpatrick
think piece

the tired spongebob meme captures our cultural exhaustion

Why is Spongebob Squarepants so damn memeable?
André-Naquian Wheeler

march for our lives showed me why we should listen to the kids

“This march is not the end of anything, it’s the beginning of a revolution.”
Erica Euse

brands celebrate international women's day, but they're still oppressing women workers

As fashion brands cash in on the women’s day hype with feminist slogan T-shirts, ethical label founder Sophie Slater of Birdsong asks who made those clothes, and who is making the money?
Sophie Slater

why we need to stop treating young designers as commodities

We live in a culture that glorifies youth, without supporting it. With VOID, 1 Granary are raising awareness to the real needs of emerging design talent and inviting the industry to start fresh conversations.
Olya Kuryshchuk
street harassment

this righteous badass has been taking selfies with all the men who catcall her

Street harassment is never a compliment, but the men of #DearCatcallers have no idea that she’s shaming them -- and that’s the problem.
Charlotte Gush
think piece

the legacy of princess diana’s 'fuck you' fashion

This week marks the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, and with the avalanche of commemorative documentaries and conspiracy theories, it’s vital we don’t overlook one of her most important legacies: her sense of style.
Anne T. Donahue