The Kardashians

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should we really be celebrating kylie removing her lip fillers?

Maybe not.
Georgie Wright
Kim Kardashian

how kylie jenner became a modern beauty phenomenon

Examining the cultural impact of Kylie Jenner, the most revolutionary of Instagirls and a hyperreal beauty tailored to look incredible online.
Philippa Snow
Think Pieces

the not-so-guilty pleasure of reality television today

Why otherwise rational and progressive thinkers are embracing the genre.
Jane Helpern

​2015 the year of… olivier rousteing

Olivier Rousteing spent 2015 becoming the most famous young fashion designer in the industry.
Marguerite Taras
Think Pieces

everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame but what about those who make theirs last a lifetime?

The famous for famous are always performing their own lives for us, and that says a lot about how we live now. They seem to absorb every form of popular entertainment, and seep across every available surface of culture. Everyone wants to be them or...
Dean Kissick

the anonymous artist satirizing trump and kimye on instagram

How artist Saint Hoax is lampooning pop culture, one Kimye post at a time.
Zio Baritaux

​the appeal of celebrity siblingdom

While it’s difficult to brand siblingdom a trend given that a) it’s been going on since the beginning of life itself, and b) you don’t exactly get to choose it, it nevertheless feels that celebrity siblings are more prominent that ever.
Georgie Wright

alber elbaz gets fomo from instagram, too

And everything else we learned from the Lanvin designer’s talk at The Met last night.
Alice Newell-Hanson
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2014, the year of... the jenners

The Jenner side of the Kardashian clan made their triumphant entry on to the fashion scene in 2014, with Kylie taking lip lining to new heights, Kris making the rounds at the Paris shows, and Kendall becoming the new it-model of fashion. The only...
Anders Christian Madsen