the internet


Can the internet ever really be anti-racist?

In the wake of Black Lives Matter protests across the world, our TLs have exploded with resources, reading lists and calls for change. But can that change happen if the very history of the web is embedded in discrimination?
Parisa Hashempour

How self-isolation made the internet wholesome again

With most of the world stuck inside, we're all heading online. But for once, we're using our URL time to be kinder to each other.
Marianne Eloise

steve lacy: musical wunderkind

Exclusive: About to drop a debut album unlike anything before it, Steve Lacy is the voice of a generation. Here, he finds a moment's peace in the Santa Monica Mountains to discuss a remarkable potential realised before turning 21.
Ryan White

on its 30th birthday, the internet’s creator says it’s not necessarily good for humanity

Happy birthday babe! Looking fab!! xx
Roisin Lanigan
the sounding off issue

syd tha kyd: the most brilliant of accidental popstars

Syd Bennett possesses a mercurial majesty oscillating between assured diffidence and bold ambivalence. From the background of Odd Future to the forefront of The Internet, Syd tha Kyd has changed the game.
Matthew Whitehouse

kano, the internet, let’s eat grandma and dream wife among additions to iceland airwaves

Joining an already awesome bill that includes PJ Harvey, Warpaint and Reykjavíkurdætur.
Charlotte Gush

the internet is now a basic human right

Too little, too late for those that remember a time when your parents made you disconnect so they could use the phone.
Matthew Whitehouse

the changing identity of queer artists

Syd Tha Kyd’s new single signals a tipping point in the way queer artists are represented in the mainstream.
Ian McQuaid

talking irl to the internet's syd tha kyd

Talking to the queen of The Internet and first lady of Odd Future about sex, youth, Drake and the enduring influence of The Neptunes.
i-D Staff

afropunk is the brooklyn festival for outsider kids interested in the other black experience

It started out as a documentary, then became a website, a festival, a lifestyle: it’s Afropunk, which will be bringing “the other black experience” to Brooklyn’s Commodore Barry Park on 23-24 August, showcasing hardcore punk (of course), but also hip...
Stuart Brumfitt

Premiere: Raleigh Ritchie, Stay Inside (The Internet Remix)

Super talented Bristol boy Raleigh Ritchie: aka Jacob Anderson has had an impressive and jealousy-inducing career so far. A talented singer-songwriter and skilled actor, he has released two undeniably strong EPs, supported Kendrick Lamar on tour and...
i-D Team