The Earthrise Issue

The Earthrise Issue

'Disconnecting ourselves from hype': Inside Alec Leach's debut book

In his book ‘The World Is On Fire But We’re Still Buying Shoes’, Alec explains why we need to re-think limited edition, collab and drop culture.
Alec Leach
The Earthrise Issue

Fashion is slowly beginning to value South Asian craftsmanship

Daphne Chouliaraki Milner explains how the expertise of weavers have been historically ignored In favour of designers, and how this is changing.
Daphne Chouliaraki Milner
The Earthrise Issue

Pharrell drops the skincare routine

The musician and founder of Humanrace, well known for his flawless skin, shares his morning beauty regime.
Osman Ahmed
The Earthrise Issue

Claire Sullivan's couture is inspired by Anne Boleyn and André Leon Talley

After leaving Vaquera, the NYC designer started her own brand where every piece is a character study.
Mahoro Seward
The Earthrise Issue

Photographing the style at Lagos' Homecoming festival

From Central Cee to TeeZee, Gabriel Moses shoots the 2022 edition of Nigeria's eclectic cultural exchange.
Vincent Desmond
The Earthrise Issue

Why we need to stop looking to fashion to solve our morbid reality

Dal Chodha explains why fashion's take on politics will always be limited and why that maybe isn't a bad thing.
Dal Chodha
The Earthrise Issue

Quannah Chasinghorse on using the runway to change the world

The model speaks to activist Xiye Bastida about self care and bringing her Indigenous heritage to climate change conversations in fashion.
Mahoro Seward
Xiye Bastida
The Earthrise Issue

Photos that capture what it means to be Mexican

Dorian Ulises López and Willy Chavaria explore the community's relationship to America on both sides of the border.
Dorian Ulises López
The Earthrise Issue

PHIPPS Gold Label is the blueprint for making vintage fashion modern

Designer Spencer Phipps shares how a collection of 90s Man U tops, plaid shirts and wrestling singlets became an "experimental upcycling project".
Mahoro Seward
The Earthrise Issue

Total Luxury Spa: creativity, capitalism and community

Total Luxury Spa's Daniel DeSure and artist Martine Syms contemplate the future of digital art, creativity and collaboration.
Felix Petty
The Earthrise Issue

Nicole McLaughlin brings her viral upcycled gorpcore to Arc'teryx

The designer, whose innovative garments made of everyday objects have taken over Instagram, discusses her new high fashion ambassadorship.
Nicole DeMarco
The Earthrise Issue

Photographs of Colombia's Indigenous Kogi community

Théo de Gueltzl captures the population's spiritual relationship with nature and the earth.
Oscar Quine