meet kiersey clemons: the star of the fifth sense's new film, jellywolf

Los Angeles-based singer and actress Kiersey Clemons has kicked off her 2017 with a star turn opposite actual legend Lisa Bonet in award-winning Israeli-American director Alma Har'el's JellyWolf, a visually stunning short film about the hallucinatory...
Michael Cragg

playing the game: indie vr developer robin hunicke is changing a generation

Radical, experimental and attempting to destroy the idea of gender forever, Robin Hunicke, co-founder of indie video game studio Funomena, talks us through the transformative power of virtual reality. As taken from The Fifth Sense, a partnership with...
Thomas Hobbs

E.M.M.A. is the electric composer shaping the future

Making waves ever since the launch of her groundbreaking album Blue Gardens in 2013, E.M.M.A. is shaping the future for female musicians. As taken from The Fifth Sense, a partnership with Chanel.
i-D Staff

when hogg met harry

With a friendship spanning several decades, one of post-punk's favourite designers Pam Hogg and Blondie's Debbie Harry sat down for a candid conversation. As taken from The Fifth Sense, a partnership with Chanel.
Hanna Hanra

our favourite female songwriters talk feelings, felines and penning pop hits

How do you write a song for someone else? Where do you source emotions that you might not have felt for a while from? And where is the best place to jot down words that come to into your head? As taken from The Fifth Sense, a partnership with Chanel...
Michael Cragg

lucy hardcastle's intangible matter

Taking her brief from The Fifth Sense, artist Lucy Hardcastle wanted to combine the idea of scent with the already existing sensory angle of her work and make a unique online experience. The result is an interactive video game-meets-music video...
VICE Staff

the evolution of kate tempest

The poet, author and musician’s use of language knows no limits. As taken from The Fifth Sense, a partnership with Chanel.
Sarah Roselle Khan
The Fifth Sense

saskia de brauw's beautiful world

The Dutch model whose art comes in the form of found items. As taken from The Fifth Sense, a partnership with Chanel.
Malou Briand Rautenberg

chanel launches pop-up make-up parlour in old spitalfields market

This month the iconic French house will be unveiling its Rouge Allure Ink Parlour, an immersive space where guests can customise their signature look with lip menus and interactive filter screens.
Tish Weinstock

fashion, art and fragrance collide as the chanel x i-D mirror maze opens in peckham

Musicians, designers, skaters and models took a trip to south London to experience Es Devlin’s immersive installation inspired by CHANEL fragrance.
i-D Staff

the fifth sense: a new partnership between chanel and i-D that celebrates women

Introducing an exciting new online platform that celebrates creative women.
i-D Staff