Summer of Love

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Summer of LOEWE: The story behind the latest Paula’s Ibiza collection

When designing for Loewe, Jonathan Anderson has found inspiration abound in Ibiza’s most cherished institutions. With his new Paula’s Ibiza capsule collection, the designer pays homage to the scene’s humble, timeless insignia: The Smiley ®
Ryan White

the second 90s i-D throwback t-shirt is here

Celebrate the Summer of Love with us.
i-D Team

30 years on, should we still care about the second summer of love?

To make way for the third summer of love, we need to leave the nostalgia behind.
Josh Baines

striking portraits of counterculture teens in 60s san francisco

In the late 1960s, Elaine Mayes photographed the rock gods and teen runaways who flooded Haight-Ashbury, California’s countercultural epicenter. A new exhibition revisits her portraits, 50 years later.
Emily Manning

summer of love: barcelona

For the last episode of our four-part 'Summer of Love' series, we touch down in sunny Barcelona for an intimate, queer, and modern love story. Follow young Spanish filmmaker Leo Adef's lens as he captures the heart warming story of Pau and Guiu, who...
i-D Staff

summer of love: new york

For the third episode of our four-part 'Summer of Love' series, we hang out with a group of tight-knit young New Yorkers as they run wild in the big city. From chilling at home to wreaking havoc on the streets, New York is their Neverland and they...
i-D Staff

summer of love: paris

For the second episode of our four-part 'Summer of Love' series we head to Paris, following a first-love story between young model, actor, and Gosha Rubchinskiy favorite Lukas Ionesco (who played the main role in Larry Clark's 'The Smell Of Us') and...
i-D Staff

rare photos from woodstock 69 take us back to the summer of love

Woodstock taught us what we know about peaceful protest.
Annie Armstrong

temporarily queer: explore london’s evolving nightlife

Following mass closures of iconic LGBT pubs and clubs across the capital, a new dawn shines on unexpected nights and shape-shifting spaces.
Samuel Douek

exploring london's lgbt clubbing scene, straight up

To accompany the first episode of our Summer of Love video series, we went to party with a group of friends who met in London’s gay club scene to discover why queer spaces are so important.
i-D Staff
Lula Ososki

'4eva&eva' explores love in the age of nostalgia

Photographer Indigo Lewin captures tender makeout sessions in a romantic new zine.
Tish Weinstock

how queer spaces have the power to shape society

Building on the experiences that the first episode of our Summer of Love video series explores, Stephen Isaac-Wilson discusses how LGBT nightlife spaces offer a sweaty sanctuary from prejudice and discrimination, and why we should do everything in our...
Stephen Isaac-Wilson
i-D Staff