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Filipino artists on creating during their crazy long lockdown

Between the virus, strict curfews and a barrage of natural disasters creatives in the Philippines have really been put to the test.
Lia Savillo

Seoul’s young future shapers are forming a more enlightened post-pandemic city

Seven South Korean creatives discuss their predictions, hopes and dreams.
Kazumi Asamura Hayashi
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13 Singaporean creatives on emerging stronger in 2020

How to survive when a pandemic steamrolls your hopes and dreams.
Briony Wright
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Jacob Ace photographs his creative community in California

A winner of i-D’s summer school returns with a new portrait series of those close to him.
i-D Staff
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Meet the creatives of St. Petersburg

Photographer Online Lipnem lensed his friends in bed, because where else do you have to be this year?
i-D Staff
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Women, queer and trans New Yorkers of colour on the future they want to see

At a time that feels particularly uncertain for the USA, seven of New York's most inspiring young creatives share their hopes for the future ahead.
Mahoro Seward
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Black Japanese youth discuss BLM and their experiences of racism

The East Asian nation is home to a sizeable Black diaspora, but the experiences of its members are rarely represented in Japan's cultural mainstream.
Sogo Hiraiwa
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New York's DJs on the chaotic future of clubbing

“When this is over I hope to see more Black and brown kids in spaces like Nowadays, Good Room and Public Records. I want to see more intersectionality between different scenes.”
Nicole DeMarco
Created with Polo

LA creatives on the importance of authenticity

Styled in looks from Polo’s fall 2020 collection, six young people share how they bring together their passions and personal style.
Erica Euse
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Meet the young creatives of Kosovo

Six inspiring artists tell us about their everyday lives, their hopes for the future and why it's so difficult to pursue the arts in Kosovo.
Donat Vatoci
Klara Gordon
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Shibuya's youth reflect on COVID-19

Captured just as Japan's COVID-19 response began escalating, these photos feature the city's youth coming to terms with the coming crisis.
i-D Team
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Tokyo's youth sound off on how they'll change the future

In these portraits Hordur Ingason​ captures a contemplative new generation of Tokyo youth.
Tsukasa Tanimoto