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Meet the queer artists shaping Hong Kong's creative underground

Hong Kong's creatives on the challenges they've faced under traditionalism and increasing Chinese control, as well as their hopes for the future.
Emma Russell
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Inside Shanghai’s tight-knit skate scene

Four riders on how their busy city became China’s skateboarding mecca.
didi hu

Meet the young rappers of Hong Kong's underground hip-hop scene

Hong Kong's emerging artists are using music to highlight the city's socioeconomic issues and express feelings that much of society keeps bottled up.
Emma Russell
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For these gen z creatives, personal style goes way deeper than good clothes

Styled in classic Ray-Ban frames from Sunglass Hut, three young people reveal how their passions intermingle with their fashion.
Chelsea Peng

How Cape Town’s young creatives deal with lockdown

Tsele Nthane photog kids who kept moving when the world stood still.
Juule Kay

Meet the young artists shaping Saigon’s creative underground

Ho Chi Minh City might be all glistening skyscrapers on the surface, but its gritty arts scene is rooted in Vietnam's vibrant, conflicted heritage.
Emma Russell
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Filipino artists on creating during their crazy long lockdown

Between the virus, strict curfews and a barrage of natural disasters creatives in the Philippines have really been put to the test.
Lia Savillo

Seoul’s young future shapers are forming a more enlightened post-pandemic city

Seven South Korean creatives discuss their predictions, hopes and dreams.
Kazumi Asamura Hayashi
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13 Singaporean creatives on emerging stronger in 2020

How to survive when a pandemic steamrolls your hopes and dreams.
Briony Wright
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Jacob Ace photographs his creative community in California

A winner of i-D’s summer school returns with a new portrait series of those close to him.
i-D Staff
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Meet the creatives of St. Petersburg

Photographer Online Lipnem lensed his friends in bed, because where else do you have to be this year?
i-D Staff
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Women, queer and trans New Yorkers of colour on the future they want to see

At a time that feels particularly uncertain for the USA, seven of New York's most inspiring young creatives share their hopes for the future ahead.
Mahoro Seward