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The Icons and Idols Issue

How Australian youth are going against their colonial legacy

Photographer Stef Mitchell explores what identity means to those growing up in Australia today.
Stef Mitchell

Meet the new fashion industry faces of 2020

The Get Up Stand Up Issue presents you with a handy guide for the ones to watch. đź‘€
i-D Staff

Stef Mitchell's year in photos

From climate change marches to Instagram-censored shots, this is Stef Mitchell's 2019 in photos.
Ryan White

head to the hills with photographer stef mitchell

Over the hills and far away, Stef Mitchell and i-D Senior Fashion Editor-at-large Ib Kamara come out to play with this dreamy photo story.
i-D Staff

stef mitchell made a new zine for the hell of it

After a busy year it was time to reconnect with the fun of image making and self-publishing.
John Buckley
the earthwise issue

this is the story of wales bonner womenswear

Grace Wales Bonner turned her sensual and beautiful designs towards womenswear rooted in the masculine proportions of silhouette.
Felix Petty

big dreams, bigger talent: meet skateboarder tyshawn jones

One of skateboarding’s most formidable young stars, 18-year-old Bronx-born boy Tyshawn Jones is destined for big things.
Emily Manning

rising star denzel curry sounds like the future

Denzel Curry is the design school dropout turned rapper who’s gone from the projects of South Florida to the toast of Art Basel Miami. It might sound improbable but underestimate him at your peril.
VICE Staff
New York

take an exclusive look at a new carhartt fanzine

New York-based photographer Stef Mitchell shoots her friends wearing Carhartt for new zine Sinners Are Welcome Here.
Emily Manning

new york's queer community talk love, acceptance and legalising marriage at pride

As we remember the victims of the tragic event that took place in Orlando this weekend, we look back to New York Pride 2015 and celebrate the beautiful individuals that make up the LGBT community.
i-D Staff

we invite twelve budding photographers to submit an image that represents luxury to them

Luxury is time, luxury is authenticity, luxury is craftsmanship, luxury is attention to detail, luxury is switching your phone off, luxury is the open road, luxury is a clear mind, luxury is freedom, luxury is covetable, luxury is one of a kind, luxury...
i-D Staff

meet yeezy’s devout disciples, straight up

On Thursday, Madison Square Garden was a madhouse. 20,000 people battled bitter cold, scrambled through security checkpoints, fought their way through will-call, and ascended high into the nosebleeds to witness Kanye West’s most ambitious artistic...
i-D Team