South Africa

the earthwise issue

kristin-lee moolman and ibrahim kamara's supersonic youth

For i-D's Earthwise Issue, Kristin-Lee Moolman and Ibrahim Kamara collaborate on an epic celebration of South Africa, inspired by a dancer named Alonzo. Jump in.
i-D Staff

exploring queer masculinity in south africa

We spoke to members of the LGBTQ community in Cape Town about the challenges they still have to face and what advice they’d give someone who’s struggling to find themselves.
Juule Kay

this is the most important lgbt film you will see in 2018

The Wound is a powerful South African story that explores sexuality, class, race, and ritualism.
Hattie Collins

this south african singer embraced his sexuality and found his voice

As if completing his new album wasn’t already enough, Nakhane’s foray into acting with The Wound just got longlisted for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2018 Oscars.
Douglas Greenwood

meet the key players in cape town’s hip-hop scene

South African photographer Imraan Christian turns his lens on local musicians.
Russell Dean Stone

the foxy five is a radical web series about intersectional feminism

Filmmaker Jabu Nadia Newman is challenging black female stereotypes, with a 70s twist.
Amira Rasool

the a-z of south african music by faka

Stars of i-D’s new Mykki Blanco documentary, FAKA are musicians, performance artists, and activists who are helping to re-shape South African culture and identity. We got their unique insight into the essential elements of their nation’s music.
Francesca Dunn

what is life like for a young, queer artist in south africa?

As we present our new documentary with Mykki Blanco, exploring South Africa’s creative, LGBTQI scene, get to know one of Johannesburg’s game-changing queer artists, Umlilo.
Ryan White
South Africa

out of this world: i-D meets mykki blanco

Hosted by musician Mykki Blanco, Out of This World meets a diverse group of performers and creators in Jo’burg -- exploring the queer scene they have carved out for themselves in South Africa’s biggest city.
Sophie Wilkinson

come to the premiere of mykki blanco’s new i-D documentary at rich mix

Followed by a live Q&A with Mykki and the filmmakers.
i-D Staff

the wound is a queer coming-of-age film set in rural south africa

John Trengove's haunting narrative feature explores repressed sexuality within a secretive Xhosa rite of passage.
Hannah Ongley

little dragon explore queer south africa in their new video

Directed by Kristin Lee Moolman and styled by Ib Kamara, Strobe Light is a pastel-hued celebration of creating your own universe and expressing yourself to the full.
Frankie Dunn