mental health

what it's like to come out as depressed

​After coming out as suffering from depression in an article for i-D earlier in the year, performance artist Scottee looks at the way his life has changed since, and the ways “a flamboyant, fat femme” struggles through a world of muscled, macho males.
Scottee Scottee

​femme shaming and fighting back against gay-on-gay prejudice

If effeminacy is performed, then surely masculinity is too?
Scottee Scottee

is feminism taboo in japan?

Japan is known for its robotic toilets and love of eccentricity, but its progressive feminism doesn’t really ring true to western ears. How much truth is there behind the subservient female stereotype?
Scottee Scottee

in una cultura che rifugge il contatto umano, perché molti sono disposti a pagare per ricevere un po' di affetto?

La sindrome da astinenza giapponese ha portato alla creazione di Love Hotel, Cats Cafés e Circus Bar; ma cosa ci dicono questi due poli opposti sui giapponesi in cerca di affetto? L'artista Scottee indaga...
i-D Staff
Scottee Scottee

​the real side effects of bulking

Is an addiction to protein powder any less serious than an eating disorder?
Scottee Scottee

a ​letter to your teenage self: scottee

It’s the age of insecurities, awkward firsts and growing pains; if only we knew then what we know now! To celebrate the release of The Coming of Age Issue, we’ve asked some of our favourite contributors to write a letter to their 16-year-old selves...
Scottee Scottee

how edinburgh fringe is tackling mental health through comedy

Being an artist and battling with your mental health often go hand in hand, but it’s not all romantic tragedies and struggling geniuses. As Edinburgh Fringe kicks off, performance artist Scottee gets some artists to open up about their issues…
Scottee Scottee

call yourself a man? an experience of male bonding in a japanese bathhouse

Scottee explores the alienation of British masculinity, and the hot, steamy, naked and enlightening ritual of the Japanese onsen.
Scottee Scottee

​is tv fame the only way you can prove your worth?

TV talent shows are a huge part of contemporary culture, but when they have a reputation for damaging the integrity of the artists who apply to them, why do so many people still seek fame through them? Performance artist Scottee explains why he’s never...
Scottee Scottee

leaving labour and going green

Scottee explain why for the first time in his life he's voting Green, not Labour.
i-D Staff
New York

​the increasing commercialisation of queer america

London’s gay clubs and bars might be fading away, but across the pond drag is back, gender is on the agenda and New York’s queer spaces are becoming increasingly commercial. But does this make them neo-queer or simply sell-outs? Performance artist...
i-D Staff
Think Pieces

i-D's alternative christmas speech by scottee

In years to come we’ll look back at 2014 and remember fondly the year we grew beards. If 2013 was the year of the triangle, 2014 was the year of the Captain Birds Eye look-a-like. 28-year-old British artist, writer and entertainer Scottee explains why...
i-D Team